Someone told me about it, and now I’m telling you.  Get out and spread the word, because LeapFrog has created something amazing.  Letter Factory is a 35 minute miracle.  Here’s the story.  Tad and his family visit the Letter factory where Professor Quigley is teaching the letters their sounds preparing them to go in a talking alphabet book.  Guess what!  The letters learn their sounds and so do your kids.
After a cousin told me about the DVD I bought it for $10, and let my 2-year-old daughter watch it while I showered.  It was perfect length because I hated to start her watching a full length movie when I only needed a half hour.  My daughter was already really smart.  She knew all of the names of the letters before she turned two, but I hadn’t made the effort to teach her their sounds.  I was sure I could wait until she was 3 before teaching her to read.
It took less than a week for her to be able to tell me the sounds of nearly ever letter in the alphabet.  No kidding!  I couldn’t believe it.  I would have spent endless hours teaching her those sounds, but instead, a couple of showers later my barely 2-year-old was starting to read.  I’ve used it with my next two children with similar results.  It works people!  To hear from more mother’s that love this DVD check out the over 1200 five star reviews this DVD has on Amazon.  I’m spreading the word as fast as I can, because every time I hear about this DVD it’s from a very happy mother.
You can buy this DVD at your local Wal-mart or Toys R Us if it’s in stock, or just pick it up on  It normally runs around $10.00.

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