Today I got to run a 3K with my girls as a fundraiser for their school library.  I have been training for a half marathon and was so excited to get the chance to run with my girls.  The goal was to push them to do their best without causing any tears.  They did great.  My 8-year-old ran ahead and didn’t need a lot of encouragement from me.  I ran along side my first grader who started out fast and then wanted to walk.  I would have her hold onto the double stroller, that I was pushing with my two youngest children inside, to try to help pull her a long at a slow jog.  Once in a while she would have a burst of speed and then want to walk again.  I continued to keep gently pushing her to keep going.  We tried to keep it even and steady.
We talked about the finish line and the water that was waiting there.  They also normally have fruit so we went through a list of all of our favorite fruits and wondered which ones would be available.  The chatter helped keep her mind off of the running.  In the end they both finished in under 28 minutes, and then lined up along the finish line to clap hands with and cheer on the rest of the finishers.  I love sharing experiences like that with my kids because I hope that it builds in them a love of fitness and a desire to continue trying  new things and pushing themselves.

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