My oldest daughter has gone from pretending Cinderella running down our stairs and losing her slipper to writing a book about a girl that fights with discs on another planet.  I think her book was inspired by her love of Tron.  She learned about Tron on a trip to Disneyland and it has become one of her favorite movies.  I own a princess dress store, so when my daughter tells me she wants a Tron party I was a little hesitant.  There’s not a lot of pink in Tron, but we decided to go with it and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

To decorate the walls we used blue disposable table clothes and white crape paper from the dollar store.  We had a framed Tron poster so we threw that in there, and then used plates, plasticware, balloons and table clothes in blue and white.  The room felt very surreal when you walked in.


Deadly Discs:  I purchase several packages of the very small, lightweight frisbies from the dollar store.  Everyone had one frisbie to start and they chose places to stand across the yard we were playing in.  When I said go they tried to throw their frisbies at each other.  They were only allowed to hit below the shoulders.  Because the frisbies were so light it didn’t hurt if you got hit.  If someone tagged you with their frisbee you were frozen until the person who tagged you got hit.  Once they were hit you were free to run and play again.  If you caught a frisbee being thrown at you the person who threw it was frozen.  The children had a fabulous time.

Glowing Disc Toss:  We purchase a can of glow sticks and let the children each choose 2 to connect together to make a circle.  This was their glowing disc.  We set out hula hoops at different locations on the lawn.  They would try to toss their glowing disc and land it inside one of hula hoop circles. 

Dessert:  or dessert we had cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream frosting and Blue Raspberry Snow Cones.

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