Jumping Letters - A Preschool Letter Recognition GameA few months ago, I place my 3-year-old son’s first initial over his bed.  It is “his letter,” and he loves it.  Within a week of giving him his letter, he started noticing letters all over the place.  They were in the box up on the shelf, in books, and on the papers on the fridge.  Letters are everywhere.

Anxious to make the most of his excitement, I decided to start teaching him to recognize each letter by sound.  I started with the sounds, rather than letter names, because the sounds are what he needs to learn to read.  Unlike my son’s 3-year-old energy, his attention span is limited, so I took those things into account when I planned a letter recognition game for him to play.

Prep Time:

  • 2 Minutes

Materials needed:

  • Crayon/Marker
  • Plain Sheets of Paper (Colored or White)

The Game:

  • Write a matching capital and lower case letter next to each other on a sheet of paper.  Repeat until you have 7-10 letter sheets.
  • Quickly share the sounds with your child.  I like to give him something to associate the letter with so ‘S’ makes the snake sound, ‘J’ is the jumping letter, ‘D’ is the knocking-on-the-door sound.
  • Once we’ve done a quick review, I scatter the letter sheets across a non-slip floor.  Then, I tell my son a sound, he has to find the letter, and then jump to it.  Once he’s on the letter, I give him another one to jump to, repeating until he is ready to be done.

I love this game because it is fun and effective for him, and simple for me.  We had some great Mommy-Son time, and he learned a little something on the side.  The game even drew the attention of my 6-year-old who is reading, and she was begging to play as well.  Next time I guess I’ll be writing site words on the papers.

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