I often wish I could somehow keep track of every adorable thing my children say, all of their likes and dislikes, their funny stories, hilarious expressions, and mispronunciations.  It’s one of the things I miss the most as they grow older and make less of them.  They are little treasures of joy and laughter for me.

I do try to keep track of a few of my favorites.  I write them down in a journal or on my shopping list notepad hanging on the fridge, but I recently decided to add something a little more structured to that.  I’m going to have my kids fill out an Annual Birthday Questionnaire as part of their birthday celebration.  I want to know about their favorite things, and what they are into that year.  Then I will take those precious childhood memories and tuck them safely into a photo book, scrapbook for memory book.  Annual Birthday Questionnaire for a Memory Book!  www.PlanningPlaytime.com #birthday #questionnaire #memories #ideas

As they grow older, they will be able to look back at the pages of Annual Birthday Questionnaire’s and see how they’ve grown and changed over the years.  They will be able to remember fads of their youth, and laugh at the funny things they said and did when they were younger.

This year I started simple.  I created a Birthday Questionnaire all about favorites, favorite books, favorite foods, favorite movies, favorite toys, and other fun things.  My 3-year-old can’t write, so we snuggled in the rocking chair while I asked him the list of questions.  My favorite was his answer to, “Who is your favorite Super Hero?”  His immediate, excited response was, “Me!!”

The questions we ask probably don’t matter all that much, just that we ask them.  Sit down with your birthday kid this year, and ask them some questions.  Fill out a questionnaire or just write it down on a scrap of paper. Keep it so you can treasure it when they are all grown up.

Annual Birthday Questionnaire for a Memory Book!  www.PlanningPlaytime.com #birthday #questionnaire #memories #ideas

13 comments on “Annual Birthday Questionnaire for a Memory Book”

  1. I love love love this idea. When my first and second were little, I would sit down every couple of months and write a little resume of what they liked to play with, what words they’d said, what milestones they’d reached. #1,2,and 3 all have baby books too. Now the other day #5 asked me what her first word was and I think I just made something up! I have a list of every word #1 could say at one year! Your way would make it simple to stop those kinds of mother fails!!

    • I try to do that too, but I skip sometimes 🙁 I love that this is an annual thing, so they have a favorites list from their birthday every year. The questionnaire just makes it easy to print and save.

  2. This is such a great idea. I try to write down all that stuff in a journal but I have been slacking off lately. Having a handy dandy list will make this so much easier. Pinned 🙂

    • Thanks Yanique! I love having a pre-made list. I want to do a questionnaire each year and then put it either in their journal or memory book. I do photo scrapbooks for their birthday’s too, so that might be a good place for it.

    • I’m with you. I wish I had started earlier with my older kids, but better late than never. They may only have a couple of birthday years with questionnaires, but I still think they’ll love them.

  3. What an awesome idea! I started writing things down haphazardly, but this is an awesome simple way to keep the memories. Thanks for sharing!

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