10 Great Fantasy Books for TweensI have always loved a good novel, and you better believe I’m encouraging my kids to love them too. We send them to read every night before bed, but summertime is a particularly great time to suggest they take a break from the midday heat, find a cool nook, and turn some pages.

Right now my daughter is particularly interested in all things fantasy. Her one-sided love affair with Harry Potter goes way back, but she is starting to branch out and find some new mythical inspiration. The more she reads, the more creative she becomes in her own storytelling, and her writing is improving as well.

Finding the right books can be tricky though. I need books that are clean, fascinating, and on her approximate reading level to keep her worming her way through them, so I’ve started compiling a list of the best fantasy books for pre-teen readers.  There is a great mix of female and male heroes that explore, fight, use magic, and find their way through life.  Some of the books are stand alones, but most of them are part of a series which prolongs the reading even more.

The best part is, these books are good enough, you can borrow them from your kids once they’re done, or you can be like me and steal them when the kids are at swim lessons.  No harm, no foul, right?

10 Great Fantasy Books for the Tween Reader

So here they are.  I hope you enjoy our list of 10 Great Fantasy Books for Tweens:

Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling

The False Prince

Jennifer A. Nielsen

Ranger’s Apprentice

John A. Flanagan

Howl’s Moving Castle

Diane Wynne Jones

Princess Academy

 Shannon Hale

The Blue Sword

 Robin McKinley


 Brandon Mull

The Chronicles of Narnia

 C.S. Lewis

The Magic Faraway Tree

 Enid Blyton

The Sister’s Grimm

 Michael Buckley

The Lightning Thief

 Rick Riordan

*Disclosure – The FTC wants me to let you know that some of the links on this post may be affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make purchases, I may receive a small commission.  I allow these links to help compensate myself for my time.  Please keep in mind that I am very careful about what books I recommend, and Amazon is one of my favorite places to purchase books.

12 comments on “10 Great Fantasy Books for Tweens”

  1. Havent heard some of these but will check out the library. We just finished our summer break over here and it was full of reading. Dr Proctors Fart Powder was a fave!

  2. I haven’t read several of these. My son had to read The Lightning Thief at school this year. I wish I could get him more interested in reading some other books from this list!

  3. It’s always hard trying to find books my son will read. This really is a great list of fantasy books for tween readers. My son was immediately drawn to Percy Jackson since he saw the movies. I can’t wait to read it along with him!

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