Subitizing Games Fall Math Centers Preview 1What is Subitizing? Well it certainly isn’t one of those words you use every day, but you’d be surprised how often you do it. Subitizing it the ability to recognize the number of a group of objects without having to physically count them. When was the last time you had to count all of the dots on a dice to see what number you rolled? If someone holds up 2 hands full of fingers, do you instantly know how many that is?

Subitizing is an important early element of building number building sense. Recognizing groups of numbers improves speed of calculation, and that is why our children are practicing in their beginning school years.

Practice and repetition is important while learning this skill, and when kids hear the word “practice,” they interpret that as, “boring.” My solution for boring homework, as usual, is to turn it into a game. My Subitizing Games pack, with 5 different activities to have fun practicing, is perfect for, math centers in the classroom, homeschool, and even extra math practice at home.Subitizing Games Fall Math Centers Preview 3

This pack includes these games:
Dice Game, Roll 16
Collect a Set
Fill the Wagons.

Children will be working with group dots, 10 frames, dice, finger counting, and tick marks. This set focuses on numbers 1-10, and is primarily for kindergarten and first grade students.Subitizing Games Fall Math Centers Preview 6Subitizing Games Fall Math Centers Preview 7

In the set you will get:
8 Bingo Cards
8 Dice Game Cards
40 Subitizing Number Cards
10 Wagon Cards
80 Fall Items to Fill the Wagons.

I hope you enjoy the set!

Happy Subitizing!!

Download the Set Here

4 comments on “Subitizing Games for Early Math Practice”

    • I’m so glad you can use it. My daughter is doing a lot of this too, and we really needed a way to make it more exciting. She is loving the games, and my preschooler joins in just for fun. Makes me happy! 🙂

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