Cute Christmas Tree Craft for kids.

The first snowflakes of winter made their appearance today, and the excitement at our house is palpable. The kids are dreaming up Christmas lists, begging for hot cocoa, and building virtual snowmen in their heads. To celebrate the coming of winter, we broke out the construction paper and made a Christmas Tree Craft.


Christmas Tree Craft for kids

This cute Christmas tree was surprisingly simple to make. We started by cutting out 5 half circles, in descending sizes, from green paper. We folded them in half, then half again, and then one more time to create creases. I used scissors to trim the bottom to an even round edge. Then we unfolded the half circle and adjusted the creases to an accordion type fold.

Christmas Tree Paper Craft for Kids

We cut a brown rectangle for the trunk and folded this in an accordion fold as well. We then glued the tree pieces together by lining up the center three folds. The largest tree piece we used at the bottom and then worked our way up.

Christmas Tree Paper Craft for kids (2)

The snowdrifts we cut from a piece of white construction paper. We glued it to a sheet of blue construction paper. Then we glued the tree over the top. The snowflakes we cut using a paper hole punch. The pattern and number of flakes are different for each project which I love.

Christmas Tree Art Project for kids


We love the final product. The kids couldn’t wait to display their trees proudly around the house. It is still a bit early for Christmas, so maybe in a few weeks I’ll let them decorate their trees by adding bits of colored paper decorations to the green boughs.

In the meantime, “Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it SNOW!”

Christmas Tree Craft

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