Fall Tree art project for kids using a pencil eraser to stamp the leaves.I continue to work on my aversion to keeping kids and paint in the same room. It’s difficult for me, but considering their love of the arts, it must be done. This week we worked on several painting projects, but one of our favorites was a fall tree art project.

This was a particularly fun project because we used a pencil eraser to stamp all of the leaves onto our trees. The kids love stamping almost more than they love painting. They could wait to try out all of the colors, and we even mixed a new one of our own.

One of the kids even when beyond using an eraser and started using her fingers to stamp the leaves. They were a bit larger than the rest of ours, but she enjoyed it and was quite happy with the result.

I would love to do a seasonal series using this pencil stamping theme. This could be our fall painting. For winter we could stamp snowflakes. In the spring we will be covering the paper with pencil dipped blossoms, and for summer maybe a field of wildflowers.

Whatever you end up with, I hope you are inspired to get out the paint and enjoy some creative time with your little ones.

Happy Fall!

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