CVC reading activity for kindergarten or 1st grade.Learning to read is tough. Those early readers are so boring, and it’s difficult to stick with it and practice. This is why I enjoy making so many CVC word reading activities for kids. Anything that will break up the monotony and bring a little bit of fun into the reading practice is a win for both parent and child.

This week, my preschooler and I, created a reading codex. I am in love with this idea. It turns early reading into a fun puzzle that kids of both genders can enjoy. This reading activity can be done in a kindergarten or 1st grade classroom classroom or as part of a homeschool curriculum. It is so easy to make, and chances are, you won’t have to buy anything.

Here’s how we made it:

1st – Rescue an old paper towel roll, toilet paper roll, or empty plastic wrap roll from going to the garbage.

2nd – Cut the roll up into three equal sections.

3rd – On two of the sections, write consonants. I wrote 4 on each section, choosing pairs that I knew could make several words. On the other section, write 4 vowels.

4th – Find some type of stick or straw that is about the length of your stacked sections and place it in the center. Stack the roll sections using a consonant section on the bottom, the vowels in the middle, and the other consonant section on the top.

It’s as simple as that. Now just spin and read. You kids will have a great time mixing up the letters and discovering new word options. If they find a nonsense word, they must spin again until they make a real word.

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