Winter Storm Art Project for Kids made by painting over spaghetti noodles.The kids and I had a great time this week creating art projects using spaghetti noodles. I’ve always had a thing for spaghetti noodles. I used to sneak a few out of the bag, while my mom was cooking, to use as wands or to see how many pieces I could break them into. I enjoy eating them as well, but this was my first time using them in a painting project.

We were having such a great time with the noodles that we tried using them in a few different ways. The first was our Winter Storm Spaghetti Noodle Art Project. We used a thin spaghetti, but a thicker noodle would create more defined lines.

Art Project for Kids - Painting over spaghetti noodles. - PlanningPlaytime

Art Project for Kids using Spaghetti Noodles

We spread them out in a fun pattern on the paper, and then chose two main paint colors, blue and purple. Using a thick brush, we applied paint over the top and around the noodles. We used a finger to hold the noodles down so they didn’t roll too much.

Cool Art Project for Kids - Painting over spaghetti noodles, then removing them to see what is left. By PlanningPlaytime

When we were happy with the painting, we turned the paper upside down over the sink and shook it a bit to get the noodles off. You could stop there, but we wanted to add snow. We dipped a small paint brush into white paint and just flicked drops of white across the page. It turned out pretty cute, and the kids had an amazing time. Flicking might have been the best part.

Here is the finished product:

Winter Storm Art Project for kids created by paining over spaghetti noodles and then splattering white paint over the top. -PlanningPlaytime

Our second spaghetti noodle art project for kids was made by breaking up the noodles into smaller sticks. We dumped them into our paint colors and tossed them in the paint until they were completely coated.

Spaghetti Noodle Art Project for kids - Dip the noodles in paint and drop them on the page. Take them off and let it dry.

Use spaghetti noodles and paint to create a fun Art Project for Kids. - PlanningPlaytime

We then scattered the paint covered noodles across our paper. It was fun to design our own patterns using a variety of colors.

Awesome Art Project for Kids using broken spaghetti noodles to spread the paint. - PlanningPlaytime

The last part of the art project was to get the noodles off the page. Again we flipped it upside down over the sink and dumped the noodles off.

Here’s the final product:

Fun Art Project for kids - Use broken spaghetti noodles dipped in paint and spread on canvas. - PlanningPlaytime

I loved how simple these paintings were, but the noodles made them different from our typical art projects. It was exciting to see the kids discover that they could use something from the pantry to create art. I also loved that it was inexpensive, and could be so personalized using a variety of colors and noodle lengths or patterns.

I hope you get a chance to try this out. If you do, share it with us by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to see how you make this your own.

Have a good one!!


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