CVC Word Game for Kindergarten

I love that magical moment when a child first discovers they can use 3 letter sounds to form a word. After all that letter recognition practice and learning sounds, they can finally put them together to create something. Once they start, they want to keep going, and we begin to learn to read by playing CVC Word games. I start CVC word games in preschool and continue through kindergarten until the children are very comfortable building simple words.

CVC Word Game for Kindergarten with scrabble squares.

I love using letter magnets, alphabet blocks, and in this case, scrabble tiles to build our words. It tends to keep the young children’s attention much longer than a pencil and paper. We make words on the fridge, on the walls, on the floor, and anywhere else we want to. I feel like reinforces the idea that reading can happen anytime, anywhere. Before long, they start picking out words on the road signs as we drive, finding a word they know on the cereal box, or reading the words they can sound out in their favorite books.

CVC Word Games for Kindergarten

On of the things I like most about this specific CVC word game is that it involves cupcake liners. My kids love cupcake liners. For some reason the crimped, crinkly paper is too much fun, and maybe it reminds them of cupcakes. In any case, they are the perfect option for holding sets of 3 scrabble tiles. The children have everything they need to make a word in each cupcake liner. All they have to do is dump it out and figure out the order. Once they’ve completed their words they can slide the tiles back in for the next child, or leave all of their completed words in a row.

This activity would be great for a literacy center in a kindergarten or preschool classroom. It is a;so an excellent activity to do at home with your child one on one. If you are working on a particular word family, make sure all of the letter sets have the same 2 ending letters. Once the child is more comfortable building words, you can expand in to include a variety of medial vowels and ending consonants.

CVC Word Reading Game for Kindergarten

I hope you enjoy our latest CVC word game for kindergarten. There are so many fun ways to practice. The important thing is to keep working at it, and if at all possible, to have a lot of fun doing it.

Happy Reading!


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  1. I actually did something like this in First Grade with letter tiles and they had to unscramble the word,but them write it on an answer sheet! This so great for little ones! Love It!

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