Easter Reading Activity - Hunting for CVC words.

Easter is in March this year, and we have a great Easter reading activity for you. I’m sure I can’t be the only mom with a stash of plastic eggs buried in the basement. To be honest, probably the best reason to keep them is for educational activities. Otherwise I could save myself the storage space and buy a new set from the dollar store, but something about those those colorful eggs makes my kids crazy excited. I decided to harness that excitement to work on reading with my preschooler.

Easter Reading Activity - Hunt for eggs filled with 3 scrable tiles, and make the word.

This activity is so simple, but it was a basket load of fun. I took a few handfuls of Easter eggs and filled them with the scrabble tiles needed to make a CVC word. I used scrabble tiles in the eggs because I had them and they were easy, but you could also write the entire word or individual letters on pieces of paper. Then I hid the eggs around the house.

My preschooler couldn’t wait to hunt for his eggs with his long lost Easter basket. Once he’d finished finding all of the eggs, we brought them in and opened them one at a time. His job was to arrange the letters in a way that they made a word.

Easter Reading Activity - Hunt for eggs with scrabble tiles and make the words.

There are so many ways you could alter this activity to work for your child’s level. Preschoolers could find and write alphabet letters. You could also use this for fun sight words practice. I would have a kindergartener read and write the sight words they pulled from the egg. Older kids could read and write spelling words. To make it a math activity, fill the eggs with addition or subtraction problems. You could even include a small treat like a skittle in each egg for the child after they correctly read a word or solve a problem.

I hope you enjoy this Easter reading activity, and be sure to let us know how you use it with your kids. Leave us a comment below or tag us on facebook or instagram.


Easter Reading Activity - Find CVC words in Easter Eggs.


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