5 Kindergarten Math Activities for February


Who has kids that love foam stickers? I do, and guess what? They are perfect to use in kindergarten math activities for February. I love to do seasonal activities because you can practice the same principles over and over again without them feeling exactly the same. Foam stickers are great! In addition to being stickers, which most children love, they are also thick enough to be used as place markers and counters.

These activities would be great for kindergarten math centers or homeschool math, but I also used some of them with my preschooler. The best part is that you can often pick up these hearts stickers at the dollar store around Valentine’s Day. If you need a larger pack, they have them at crafting stores as well.

So here are a few of our favorite math activities that we did with our foam stickers:

Kindergarten Math Activities - Counting with Heart Stickers

For this counting activity I pulled out a sheet of paper, and put various number across the top. I used cute scrap paper numbers, because I had them on hand, but sharpies work too. The kids get to pull from a pile of heart stickers and place the correct number of stickers under each number. If you are doing this activity in a kindergarten math center, just have them leave the non-stick back on the stickers so you can use and reuse the same stickers and paper over and over again for all of the students.

Kindergarten Math Activities - Valentine's Counting Activities with foam heart stickers.

This Valentine’s counting activity is very similar to the one above, but instead of sticking hearts in a row on paper, they get to count into cupcake liners. It’s that same, wonderful practice, but mixes it up just a little bit to keep the counting interesting. My kids all love cupcake liners, so any activity with them involved is typically a hit. There are so many fun color choices at this time of year too.

Kindergarten Math Activities for February - Count how many hearts are in the cup.

This was another twist on the Valentine’s counting activities. This time I had previously sorted various numbers of hearts into cupcake liners. The kids assignment was to count how many hearts were in each cup, and record the number. This one was a lot of fun too.

Kindergarten Math Activities - Making 10 with foam heart stickers.

Making 10 is an important kindergarten concept, and this math activity would be awesome for Valentine’s Day. For this activity, I pre-stacked layers of foam stickers in numbers 1-10. The children’s assignment was to count how many were in each stack, and then combine stacks that made 10 together. It’s like building vertical puzzles, and the kids had a great time with it.

Kindergarten Math Activities for Valentine's Day using foam heart stickers.

Our last kindergarten math activity was simple addition. I pre-stuck stickers onto the page with plus signs in the center. The kids had to add the sets to find out how many hearts there were together. You could do this by sorting colors or just mixing them all together. Either way, it was great counting and adding practice.

All of these activities were fast and easy to set up, and they all came from the same bag of foam hearts. There are so many other fun things you could do as well. Here are a few more we came up with after finishing this post:

Broken Heart Subtraction

This activity was fantastic. I drew dots on the foam hearts for numbers under 10. The children counted all of the dots together and recorded the number. Then they broke the heart, subtracting some of the dots. They counted how many dots were on the piece they took away and recorded that number. Then the difference was how many dots were left on the first section of heart. This was such a great, physical way to show taking away.

Kindergarten Math Activities for February - Broken Heart Subtraction

Letter Matching

We also made letter puzzles by writing a matching upper and lower case letter on a heart and then cutting in in two. The children had to sort through the letters to find the matching upper and lower case letters to solve their puzzle.

Preschool activities for Valentine's Day

We hope you enjoy all of the fun activities as much as we did, and have a great Valentine’s holiday.


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