Pull it Out of a Hat Reading Activity for Kids. So fun!

We tried a fun new reading activity for kid this week, and I can’t wait to share it with you. My little guy is getting better and better at those CVC words, but it helps to mix it up and keep the fun activities coming for that busy little mind of his. He is always so much more excited about school when it is a game or activity rather than a reader from the shelf.

Pull it Out of a Hat Fun Reading Activity for kids.

We called this reading activity, Pull it Out of a Hat, and you can use it all year long. I love the idea of filling up a red and white striped hat and passing it around the classroom for a Dr. Seuss month activity, but you could also use a ball cap, a winter beanie, a Mad Hatter creation, or any other fun had of your choosing. Just pair it with whatever fun theme you are working on, and choose the right hat.

Pull it Out of a Hat Reading Activity for Kids

This activity is incredibly simple. Write down your practice words, sentences, or whatever you are working on on scraps of paper, and place them in the hat. We used colored paper, because it is just so much fun. I was working with just one child for this reading activity, so we sat the hat on his lap and let him pull and read as much as he wanted too. In a group setting I would pass the hat around the table or circle letting each child take a turn.

Pull It Out Of a Hat Fun Reading Activity for Kids

You could adapt this activity to practice math facts or answer questions about a book you just read. Solving a problem is going to be so much more fun if you get to pull it out of a hat. You could even do a magician theme if you wanted, and call the children Math Magicians!! How cute would that be?!

However you use it, just have a little bit of fun while learning.

Happy Reading!


Fun Reading Activity for kids pulling words out of a hat.

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  1. This is so cute! My students are working on sight words so I’ll definitly try this. They’re in middle school, but this will definitly still be age apprpriate. Thank you!

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