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Holidays are a great time to have a little bit of fun learning, and what better way to do it than with these 10 FREE educational printables for St. Patrick’s Day. Just click and print, to start playing and learning with your littles. They will love the fun shamrocks, rainbows and pots of gold included in these sets. The colors are bright and fun, and the activities are pretty awesome too.

Several of these activities are great for the preschool group, but you can also find things for the kids that are getting into elementary school as well. If you homeschool or teach in a classroom, these could be great activities for free time or centers. They are also the perfect thing to pull out at home during preschooler learning time or on a sick day for the older kids.

Here is your handy list of free printables.

10 Free Educational Printables for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Educational Play Dough Mats – These are too cute for the youngsters at home. Whip up a batch of green play dough and let them shape the numbers and count out the shamrocks. The printable is free, and you can laminate it or slide it into a plastic sheet protector to keep it looking great for days of green play.
  2. Pot of Gold Counting Cards – My kids love to play with money, and you can typically find bags of fake gold coins at the dollar store this time of year. They would pair perfectly with these adorable cards. Just count the correct amount of money onto each card.
  3. Color Matching Clover and Rainbow Patterns – These are great for the kids who are working on their colors and hand eye coordination. You can use colored rocks, bits of paper, stampers, or even crayons to fill in the circle of the patterns.
  4. Letter Matching Rainbow Puzzles – These rainbow puzzles are too adorable. The puzzles are cut into two pieces with a upper or lowercase letter on the cloud at either end of the rainbow. The children have to complete the rainbow by matching the upper and lowercase letters.
  5. Letter Matching Shamrocks – This is such a fun idea, and all you need is the free printable and a set of blank stickers. I picked up a set of the stickers this week from the dollar store to try out these activities at home. The printable has the lowercase letters printed on, so you can write the capital matching letters on the stickers. Then let the kids match and stick. There is also a printable for number matching at this link.
  6. St. Patrick’s Day Roll & Add Bingo – This is a great game for the kids that have already started school. It pairs well with first grade curriculum, but it could be fun a bit younger and older than that as well. The child rolls 3 dice, and then adds them together. They find a square with that sum, and cover it. Once they have 5 in a row, they win. There are 5 different cards to keep it interesting for one child or to make a great group game. 10 FREE Educational Printables for St. Patrick's Day - Games, play dough mats and more great stuff.
  7. St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack – This set is for the mid to older elementary child. It has several word puzzles and a high level coloring page. My older girls would have a lot of fun with this set.
  8. Money Card Game – There are lots of cute printables here, but I love the money game cards. kids can practice counting money in a fun, St. Patrick’s day theme.
  9. 25 Page Preschool Learning Pack – This is a huge, free pack of free printable educational activities for preschoolers. Print this set, and use it all month long with the little kids at home.
  10. Pot of Gold Numbers and Counting Play Dough Mats – This is another cute play dough mat to teach the kids numbers and counting in a fun and interactive way.

I sure hope you get to get to enjoy one or more of these free educational printables for St. Patrick’s Day. Have a bit of fun learning something, and don’t forget to wear green.




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