Hatching Chicks Spring Reading Activity

The air is starting to warm up, and little green things are sprouting up all over my yard. Spring is here, and it’s my favorite time of the year. I love all of the bright colors, the baby animals, and most of all, playing outside. We still like to do a bit of learning everyday, so this week we did a Hatching Chicks Spring Reading Activity. It was a perfect way to combine the fun of spring with some healthy CVC words practice.

My preschooler loved this activity. It was so much fun to make the chicks, and then pull them in and out of their egg shells. He went over each chick several times without any pushing on my part. It was as much a game to him as it was reading practice.

Hatching Chicks – Spring Reading Activity

To make this activity, I started by drawing half of a cracked eggshell onto a sheet of white paper. I cut it out, and traced it 8 more times.

Once I had all of the eggshells cut out, I sketched a simple oval shape onto yellow paper. The ovals were at least 1/4 of an inch narrower than the eggshell on each side. After I had my nine yellow ovals, I drew eyes, wings, and a few feathers on on them with a sharpie. I also wrote the CVC words I wanted my preschooler to practice this week.

My chicks needed beaks, so we cut out tiny triangles from a sheet of orange paper, and had fun gluing those onto our chicks.

Hatching Chicks Spring Reading Activity for Kids.

Using a glue stick, I applied glue to the outside 1/8 of an inch of the sides and bottom of the eggshells. Then I placed them on a blue sheet of paper. Once the glue dried, we popped our chicks into the egg shells, and he was ready to read.

This spring reading activity would be great for practicing sight words, letters, numbers, and lots of other fun things. You could even write math problems on your chicks and have the kids solve each one they pull out. I hope you get a chance to try it out, and have a bit of hatching chicks fun.

Happy Spring!

Hatching Chicks Spring Reading Activity with CVC words


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