Minute to Win It Reading Games with Boggle pieces to make CVC words.

It’s not a secret that I love games, and our Minute to Win it reading games are no exception. I grew up with no television, no electronics, and very few toys. We made our own entertainment, and we played A LOT of games. To this day, when I get together with my brothers and sisters, we basically talk, eat, giggle, and play games.

I love Minute to Win it games because they are fast paced, a bit competitive, but also a lot of fun for everyone. They are perfect for keeping the attention of little people with limited attention spans. For this series of games, we wanted to apply the fun of Minute to Win it to reading and building words.


The Game

For this game we used a Boggle game because it was on hand and worked well for a bit of a challenge. Ideally I would use custom dice with common CVC beginning and ending letters on two of the dice, and vowels on the third, but we worked with what we had. The timer from our Boggle box was a great addition too, because kids love those things. There is something so hypnotic about watching grains of salt fall through that tiny hole.

The kids took turns rolling the dice for 60 seconds in a row, and tried to make as many words as they could. If they had two letters that they thought might work, they would just roll the third dice until they came up with a word. Another player kept track of all of their words. It was fun to see if we could improve our score each time too.

It was amazing how we found words we weren’t even expecting, and several of my kids could play at different levels. The older they are, the more vocabulary they have, and it was fascinating to see what they came up with. We were even tempted to pull out the dictionary a few times to check on our words.

Do you have a fun idea for a Minute to Win it Reading Game? We’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below, or tag us on facebook or instagram. We look forward to it, and come back to visit us if you want to see what we come up with next.


Minute to Win It Reading Games with Boggle pieces


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