St. Patrick's Day Salt Art For kids

My kids love a good art project on Saturday, and this St. Patrick’s Day salt art project was a total hit. By the end of this morning’s crafting extravaganza, there was colorful salt over every counter surface and around the floor, but there were also smiles all over my kid’s faces. Happily we all know how to use a broom and a rag.

This was my first time trying salt art, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. The kids were so excited to experiment with the food coloring and mix up colors for the rainbow. The watched over my shoulder to make sure we had just the right color of green, and they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the glue bottles to draw their designs.

St. Patrick’s Day Salt Art


If you haven’t done salt art before, it is incredibly simple. All you need is a paper, liquid glue, salt, and food coloring. First, add a drop or two of food coloring into a tablespoon or two of salt. Mix it until you have a color you are happy with.

St. Patrick's Day Salt Art Project for kids.


Then draw your design on paper using the liquid glue. Since we were creating St. Patrick’s Day salt art, we drew a shamrock first. Then, we sprinkled green salt onto the wet glue. We sprinkled the salt fairly liberally to make sure we had good coverage. Then we shook off the excess salt, and we were done.

The rainbow was a bit more tricky, because we had to do one color at a time and try not to spread the colors too much. We started with the white clouds first. For each stripe of the rainbow, we spread the salt using a spoon so we could carefully direct where the salt was falling. We managed it with minimal color spreading, and we loved the result.

Rainbow Salt Art Project for Kids

The rainbow salt art is great for St. Patrick’s Day, but it would also be perfect for a rainbow themed week in preschool or a color unit. You could make this at home or in a classroom, and either way, the kids will love it.

I hope you enjoy this fun project, and if you try it out leave us a comment or tag us in a photo on Instagram or Facebook. We can’t wait to see it. Happy Crafting!


Shamrock Salt Art for St. Patrick's Day


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  1. Another way to do this activity is to make the shape with glue, sprinkle with white salt, and then let kids use eye droppers to add paint of any color to the salt and glue. Very fun process to watch the water spread through the salt and change it colors.

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