Dye Painted Easter Eggs using q-tips. Little mess and lots of fun.We have a new way to dye your Easter eggs that will blow your kid’s minds. This two ingredient Easter egg paint combines the fun of painting with the flat shell dyed look of traditional Easter eggs. Basically, you paint your eggs with a very concentrated dye, and it is awesome!!

There are are few reasons I am absolutely in love with this method. First, it was much less messy than our traditional Easter egg coloring experience, where the counters are covered in colored water, newspaper and whatever else. Instead you only have about 1/2 a teaspoon of liquid per color, and it is much easier to control. Second, I love the opportunity for my kids to be creative and design their eggs. They could paint scenes or go abstract with lines, dots, and swirls. We even drew faces on some of them, and the kids couldn’t get enough.

Two Ingredient Easter Egg Paint for kids

To Make Easter Egg Paint Dye 

To make the Easter egg paint, all you need is 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar and 8-10 drops of food coloring. We mixed up several of our favorite colors so the kids would have options to paint with. To apply the dye paint, we used q-tips. They were perfect for soaking up the dye paint, and then allowing the kids to control the paint as they put it on the eggs.

Dye Painted Easter Eggs. Feels like dye, looks like paint. So fun to do, and easy to clean up.

Keep in mind, you can overdo it if you get to much liquid in the q-tip. If the cotton edge gets too saturated it will drip, and potentially ruin the design of the egg. To help with this, we just switched out q-tips occasionally if we noticed they were getting a bit to full.

Allow the eggs to dry a bit between colors, or avoid touching the colored areas to prevent smudging. It doesn’t spread as much as a traditional paint, but it will smudge if it is wet.

That’s it. We hope you have a great time with this activity. Comment to let us know if you try it out, and share your brag photos by tagging us on facebook or instagram. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Until next time.


2 Ingredient Easter Egg Dye Paint

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  1. I am glad I looked at your blog and saw this, I’d forgotten I’d seen your post on Facebook! I bought the other kind of dye for my girls at the store but I’d really like to try this out. I know they’d enjoy it too, they’re very artsy and creative!

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