Cupcake Liner Boat Craft

Summer is in full swing at our house, and, during our ocean themed craft morning today, we created this cupcake liner boat craft. The boat is a fun mashup of simple geometric shapes pieced together which is great math practice for the kinder and younger crowd. The cupcake liners are the real stars of the show as they shape and almost moving ocean and happy sun.

Spoiler alert, the ocean is the funnest part of this craft. It ripples and waves and is full of little pockets to fill with sea creatures. To make it, we simply got a small stack of blue cupcake liners, cut them in half, and then glued them in layers across the bottom of our paper. Then we made some fish and other fun critters to tuck into the waves. It felt a little bit alive, and the kids couldn’t get enough of it. They even played with fishing for Sweedish fish in it while we were still in crafting mode. It was a great time.

Ocean Themed Cupcake Liner Boat Craft

The next step was the boat. For the base of the ship we used a half oval, with three small circle to serve as the windows. For our mast, we cut a drinking straw in half and glued it to the paper. You could also use a thin, tall rectangle cut from brown paper. Our sail was a large white triangle placed underneath the mast.

Finally, we topped our cupcake liner boat craft with a big, bright, beautiful sun by flattening a yellow cupcake liner and gluing it to the top. Everything is better with a bit of sunshine. 🙂

Cupcake Liner Boat Craft with fish.

This would be great for a preschool ocean project or a transportation week theme. It could also go pirate pretty easily with a few extra touches. Beyond loving the finished craft itself, I am crazy about how easy it was. It is doable for very small people, but it can also grow with the older kids as they create and add more sea life into the cupcake liner sea.

I hope you feel inspired, and seriously, try this one out in a classroom or pin it for a long afternoon at home. It’s a simple, fun way to use your imagination, create some art, and have a bit of fun.


Cupcake Liner Boat Craft. Such a cute ocean themed craft.

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