October Kindergarten Worksheets - Math, Reading, Writing, and more.

It’s October Kindergarten Worksheets time!! What a fun season to design worksheets around. I’ve never been the scary, gory Halloween fan, but I love the cutesy spooky stuff. This set of 25 math and literacy worksheets is full of the cutesy spooky. There are adorable witches, monster friends, smart spiders, and all kinds of other little critters. Of course there are pumpkins thrown in everywhere, and a bit of candy sprinkled around for some sweet color fun.

These October kindergarten worksheets are a no prep set, meaning that they are all ready to print and go. They cover all kinds of topics and are aligned with common core kindergarten standards. The math worksheets include counting, addition, subtraction, measurement, making 10, and more. The literacy worksheets include letter recognition, reading comprehension, syllables, rhyming words, writing and more. They were all created in a black and white color format that saves you money on ink, (Yay!) and provides a bit of extra coloring opportunities for early finishers.

October Kindergarten Worksheets - So many fun activities.

It’s hard to choose a favorite worksheet from the group, but I have to say, I’m loving the Candy Monster math activities. I’m not going to give too much away, but scroll down and check them out. I also want to try out some of the writing prompts for myself. Everyone knows the best treat to get for Halloween is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and I want to pretend I flew a witches broom. Check the rest of them out, and if you would like the set, just click on the top picture, or one of the links in this post to purchase. I’ve also giving you one of the worksheets for FREE, just for checking them out. Enjoy!

October Kindergarten Worksheets – Math

* Candy Monster Subtraction
* Cut and Paste Number Words
* Perfect 10s Pumpkin Patch (Making 10)

October Kindergarten Worksheets - Cut and Paste Number Words Counting. October Kindergarten Worksheets - Candy Monster SubtractionOctober Kindergarten Worksheets - Making 10 Pumpkin Patch

* Pumpkin Patch 10 Frames
* Spooky Things Measure and Draw
* Count and Compare Halloween Theme

October Kindergarten Worksheets - Count and Compare items. October Kindergarten Worksheets - Pumpkin Patch 10 Frames October Kindergarten Worksheets - spooky things measure to draw the new item.

* Ghost Buddies – Count by 10
* Roll, Add & Color Caramel Apples
* Comparing Numbers – Candy Monsters

Kindergarten Math Worksheets for October - Ghost Buddies Count by 10 Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for October - Roll, Add and Color Caramel Apples addition worksheets October Kindergarten Worksheets - Count and compare numbers.

* Mummy Treat Bag Number Bonds
* Odd or Even Witch Hats
* Spin, Count and Color Haunted Houses

Halloween Kindergarten Worksheets - Mummy Number Bonds. Halloween Kindergarten Worksheets - Odd or Even Number Witch Hats Halloween Kindergarten Worksheets - Spin, Count and Color Haunted Houses.


October Kindergarten Worksheets – Literacy

* Candy Corn Word Families
* Fall Things Rhyming Words
* Batty About Rhyming Words

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets - Candy Corn Word Families. Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for October - Fall Things Rhyming Words. Halloween Kindergarten Worksheets - Black Bats Rhyming Words. Color the bats with rhyming wings.

* How to Catch a Ghost – Informative Writing Prompt
* The Night I Flew on a Magic Broom – Narrative Writing Prompt
* The Best Treat to get on Halloween – Opinion Writing Prompt

Informative Writing Prompts for October - How to Catch a Ghost. Opinion Writing Prompts for Halloween - The Best Treat to Get on Halloween October Narrative Writing Prompt - The Night I Flew on a Magic Broom.

* Spider Library Word Families
* Read and Draw A Spider Story
* Candy Color Words

October Kindergarten Worksheets - Reading Comprehension. Kindergarten Worksheets for October - Spider Library Word Families October Kindergarten Worksheets - Candy Color Words

* Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match
* Spooky Syllables
* Same or Different

October Kindergarten Worksheets - Spooky Syllables. October Kindergarten Worksheets - Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match Halloween Kindergarten Worksheets - Same or Different.

FREE October Kindergarten Worksheet

Just click the picture to download. Happy Halloween!!

FREE October Kindergarten Worksheet - Color by Number Haunted House.

I’m in love with this set of October Kindergarten Worksheets, and I hope you are too. Enjoy the freebie, and have a great month.

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