Easy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes decorated with M&Ms.Throughout the month of October I regularly need festive treat ideas, and these easy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes were a total hit. Cupcakes are always in style, every season, every month, but finding new and fun ways to decorate them can be a bit tricky. I always love options that are simple and doable even for kids, and these cupcakes completely fit that bill.

These cupcakes are great for cooking with kids because they can decorate them with a bit of frosting and orange and green M&Ms. The rest of the colors in the bag, well those are for snacking on throughout the project. 😉 We used mini M&Ms, the the regular size could work as well. Just have the children do an M&M color sorting project while you wait for the cupcakes to cool, so you’ll be ready to create your pumpkin toppers when the time is right.

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes for kids.

There are a couple of cupcake recipes I love for these Halloween pumpkin cupcakes. We used my chocolate cupcake recipe, but I also recommend this Easy Peazy Pumpkin Cupcake recipe from one of my favorite bakers. Pumpkin cupcakes are of course perfect for Halloween, and they pair beautifully with the chocolaty M&Ms pieces. We topped our cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream frosting which is at least as delicious as it sounds. I left the mini chocolate chips out of the frosting because I was adding the M&Ms on the top.

Once the cupcakes were cooled and frosted, I let my children help me create pumpkins on the top using our presorted orange and green M&Ms. They had the best time creating, and the result was adorable. None of the pumpkins were exactly alike, and that is just fine.

This activity has some learning applications, and would be a great treat/activity for a class party or fun at home. In addition to the color sorting the children also get to practice shape building. Grades preschool through elementary could have a lot of fun creating these.

Thank you for checking out our easy Halloween pumpkin cupcakes, and have a great holiday.

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Easy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes for Kids.


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