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Individual Jack-o-Lantern Pinatas for Halloween. So fun and easy to make.Halloween is just a few days away now, and I wanted to share these super easy, individual Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween party favors and games. My kids love pinatas. They are always a favorite for parties. In fact, every time we walk by them in a store, we have to stop and admire how cute they are, and plan which one each child wishes they could have for their next birthday. Just last week I had to remove a Dory pinata from my 2-year-old’s grasp.

This super easy craft is a simple, fun take on your traditional pinata. Instead of one big pinata that requires rope, hazardous bat swinging, and desperate children clawing for candy, each child gets their very own. The individual jack-o-lantern pinatas are much more simple that the ones you purchase from the store. They are just a decorated balloon filled with the perfect amount of candy and prizes for each child.

For the personal Halloween pinata version we used orange balloons. Before blowing up the balloon, we stretched out the tops and placed two fingers in the neck from each hand to stretch the opening. I held the balloons open while my daughter stuffed them with a few treats. Then, I blew up and tied the balloons.

Individual Jack-o-Lantern Pinatas for Halloween.

My kids had the best time helping me draw jack-o-lantern faces on the balloons. It was nearly all of the fun of pumpkin carving without the mess. It may have helped that they new what was inside, and were looking forward to the end result. They weren’t quite as enthusiastic about the roasted pumpkin seeds. đŸ˜‰

Once were were finished drawing our jack-o-lantern faces on the pinatas, the were ready to pop. We used our giant purple push pin just because it is too much fun. The kids loved the loud pop, and giggled when their candy sprayed out around their lap. It was definitely a hit around here.

Individual Pumpkin Pinatas for Halloween - Fun party favor and craft.

You could use these individual jack-o-lantern pinatas in a couple of ways. The would be a great craft and party favor for a Halloween party or class party. They would also be a fun gift to hand out to students for Halloween. Of course, if you are going all out, you could even hand them out to trick-or-treaters. They are great fun even if they only have a couple of treats inside.

Thank you for checking out our craft today. Click on the Halloween tag below to see what other spooky fun stuff we’ve been up to during the month of October, and have a happy, safe, fun Halloween!

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DIY Individual Jack-o-Lantern Pinatas for Halloween party favors and crafts.

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  1. Love this!! This would be so fun for a class party! You could also have white balloons and let the kids decorate ghosts!

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