December Writing Prompts - Informative, Narrative and Opinion.

It’s time to show off our December Writing Prompts. I love hearing from teachers nearly every day about how much their children are enjoying our writing prompts. I hope that these will be just as fun and encourage creativity and great writing form.

December is a magical month with so many fun topic ideas. We tried to capture some of these ideas with our narrative writing prompts. The children will get to imagine what it would be like if it snowed marshmallows. Try to catch some of those on your tongue. Then they get to write about getting lost in Candyland and the day a unicorn took them to school.

The informative prompts for this month start with the children describing how to build a gingerbread house. They then take a more philosophical turn with questions like If I could do one thing to change the world and If I could give someone the best gift in the world. I love that these questions require the children to think outside themselves during this special time of the year.

The opinion December writing prompts are a chance for the children to share their opinion about eggnog. Are they a fan or do they hate it! They also get to tell whether they like to participate in snowball fights or not, and why. Finally, they get to defend their opinion on which are the best cookies ever. Will they go chocolate chip or sugar cookies with sprinkles? It’s so hard to choose.

Here is a quick preview of the prompts. They each come with an organizer as well as draft pages that can be used for first drafts and following drafts as the children work their way through the writing process.


Narrative Writing Prompts

 December Writing Prompts - Narrative: If I Got Lost in Candyland. Narrative Writing Prompts for December - The Day a Unicorn Took me to School. Narrative Writing Prompts for December - The Day it Snowed Marshmallows.

Informative Writing Prompts

 Informative Writing Prompts for December - If I Could Give one Person the Best Gift in the World. Informative Writing Prompts for December - How to Build a Gingerbread House. December Writing Prompts - If I Could do One Thing to Change the World.

Opinion Writing Prompts

 December Writing Prompts - The Best Cookies. Opinion Writing Prompts for December - My Opinion About Eggnog. Opinion Writing Prompts for December - My Opinion About Snowball Fights.

Thank you so much for taking a minute to check out these December writing prompts. I hope your students enjoy them and continue to progress in their writing.

Have a great December!!


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