FREE Skip Counting Puzzles for Fall. Great for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Skip counting is an important way to introduce multiplication tables, and I am excited to share a few FREE Fall Skip Counting Puzzles with you this season. Children will start skip counting as early as kindergarten and first grade, beginning with their 10’s, 5’s and 2s. As they get older they start working on the trickier numbers, and we have an amazing hack for teaching those here.

These puzzles are for the beginning skip counters. The 2’s puzzle features a little girl sitting on a pumpkin and her friend next to her throwing fall leaves into the air. The puzzle starts at number 2 and goes up to 28.

FREE Fall Skip Counting Puzzles for kindergarten and first grade.

The 5’s puzzle is also all about fall leaves in green, red, orange, yellow and brown. Again there are two little kids playing in the piles of leaves under a tree. This puzzle starts at the number 15 and goes through the number 80. It’s meant to challenge the children a bit by starting at a number other than 5.

FREE Fall Skip Counting Puzzles - Count by 5s.

The 10’s puzzle is also a bit of a challenge. The children will count by 10’s, but they start at the number 12. That means they will have to figure out what 10+12 is and then 10+22. It is great early place value practice as well.

FREE Fall Skip Counting Puzzles for Kindergarten or First Grade - Skip counting by 10s.

These puzzles are full of color which makes them perfect for printing out once, cutting, laminating and storing in a zip lock back in the cupboard. They won’t take up much space, but can be pulled out to be used during fall and even throughout the year if you’d like. They would be a great addition to fall math centers of a fun activity to work on at home after school.

Once the children have finished their puzzle, you could also have them try doing the real thing by collecting leaves, placing them in piles of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, and then skip counting with them to see how many leaves they have.

Thank you for checking out our FREE Fall Skip Counting Puzzles. If you’d like to print them out, just click on the picture below.

Have an amazing fall!


FREE Skip Counting Puzzles for Fall - Count by 2's, 5's, and 10s.

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