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Mini Cup Memory Reading Game or Alphabet Match.

If you are anything like us, your kids love learning with things from around the house. This Mini Cup Memory Reading Game was just such an activity.

Cups are so cool!! I don’t know why, but they are. Maybe that’s why there are always a million out and around my house. Seriously! How many cups can you go through in a day? We do enjoy playing with them though, whether it is passing them around the table or stacking them in cool towers.

Mini Cup Memory Reading Game with CVC Words or Upper Lowercase letter matching.

For this activity, we turned them into memory cards. How cool is that?! To make the game we simply took the cups and wrote something on the inside bottom. Then we turned them upside down, laid them out in rows, and played a very unique, hands on game of memory.

For my kindergarten to first grade age kids we did CVC words memory. On your turn you turn two cups up, and read their words. It was an exciting way to practice reading. You could also use sight words or spelling words, and the kids don’t want to stop.

Mini Cup Memory Reading Game or Letter Matching Game.

My preschooler wanted to get in on the fun too, so we also made an upper and lowercase letter matching memory game. He couldn’t even wait for me to finish writing the letters in the cups before he started. His little friend came over and asked to play too. It was a great time.

Min Cup Memory Alphabet Matching Game.

One of the things that made this mini cup memory reading game so fun was the mini cups. Regular cups would work just fine, but there is something about tiny things that just makes them extra fun. We found these at a local grocery store, but there are available other places as well.

There are so many variations you could do of this game. Matching shapes, a number matching a cup with that many dots, colors ect. You could even write down math problems inside, addition, multiplication, ect., with the matching cup holding the answer. Your imagination is the limit.

Thanks for reading up on our mini cup memory reading game. We can’t wait to hear how you use it in your classrooms and homes. Come back to share your ideas in a comment below or tag us on social media.

Happy Reading!


Mini Cup Memory Reading Game or Letter Matching Game for Preschoolers.

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