Mommy Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity for Preschool. - Help the mommy find her eggs.My preschool son climbed on my lap today to help me create something, so we made a mommy dinosaur letter recognition activity. The set features a mommy dinosaur with a capital letter on her side. Filling the rest of the page are eggs and a baby dinosaur just cracking out of his shell, each labeled with a lowercase letter. The mommy dinosaur has to find the eggs/babies that have a matching lowercase letter to her capital letter.

Dinosaurs are a big thing with my 4-year-old son right now. If I’m being honest, they’re big with everyone in my family. My 10-year-old daughter wishes she had some of her own to raise. Yesterday she showed me the drawings of her first four, and they all had names!! The other kids seem to like them too which seems a bit odd when they’re terrified of a stray dog. Oh the irony! šŸ˜‰

My husband is a fan too. This year he purchased himself and our little guy inflatable t-rex costumes for Halloween. One of my most cherished Halloween memories will forever be watching my son run down the sidewalk in that enormous t-rex inflatable and trying to climb the steps up to the house. Hilarious, but I digress.

Mommy Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity


Mommy Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity for kids. D is for Dinosaur - Mommy Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity.

Going back to my son’s mommy dinosaur letter recognition activity, once the worksheets are printed, the children can pull out a worksheet for the letter they are currently working on. They find an circle the matching lowercase eggs for the mommy dinosaur. You could also have them count and write how many babies (lowercase letter eggs) they found.

This activity can be used all year round or as part of a dinosaur unit. Print the worksheets to use as a one time use or laminate them to use over and over again. They would make a great center activity with a set of dry erase markers.

I hope your little boys and girlsĀ have as much fun with this dinosaur activity as my son did creating it. He can’t wait for me to give him all of the pages, so I’m off to the printer. Before I go, I wanted to give you one page to try out for free. Enjoy!

FREE Mommy Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity Worksheet

Mommy Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity for preschool.

Happy Letter Hunting!


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