10 Cute Snowman Crafts for Kids

I have been busy picking out 10 super Cute Snowman Crafts for kids to share with you today. It has been quite the snowy winter at my house. That’s fine by my 5 kids, because more snow equals bigger snowmen and more snowball fights! After they’ve burned some off their excess energy outside and their fingers have warmed back up, they’re ready for indoor, winter-themed crafty goodness.

These crafty snowmen range from paper to fabric to mixed media and make sweet little DIY gifts for Grandma, a neighbor or anyone who could use a friendly pick-me-up. And these snowmen don’t melt!

10 Cute Snowman Crafts for Kids.

1. No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft – Start with a single white sock, rice and rubber bands to build a simple snowman body. Then add a trimmed colored sock for a hat and a few accessories. Kids will end up with an adorable decorative snowman that can double as a door stop, gift or even rice food storage!

2. Paper Roll Snowman Craft – This easy kid craft makes good use of extra toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Make a quick snowman family using paper rolls of various heights (trim some rolls if desired). The short supply list also includes white paper, a few other paper bits for scarves and noses, and a black marker.

3. Snowman Glove Craft – Kids can create a spunky snowman with a printable snowman face and a “glove hat” plus a hidden treat inside. Dollar store gloves work great–make two snowmen (each using one glove) to gift a pair of gloves. Inside you can put microwave popcorn, a candy bar, a book, etc.

4. Doily Snowman Craft – Toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners can express their inner Fancy Nancy with this indoor winter activity. Pick up some doilies in a couple of different sizes and let your littles shape their snowmen–or snow woman, why not–on a background of blue paper. Sweet and simple! Cute Snowman Crafts for kids - great for school or home.

5. Pom Pom Snowman – Next time your little one starts singing about wanting to build a snowman and there isn’t enough snow outside, think of this cute snowman craft that is bursting with cheer. This craft is slightly more challenging and might require a trip to the craft store if you don’t stock styrofoam balls in your craft stash, but the end result makes it totally worth it.

6. Simple Snowman Painting – My kids love to paint, and they would go through paint by the gallon if I let them! I like letting them find new and unusual ways to paint, so I got excited when I saw this Simple Snowman Painting activity that uses stainless steel wool kitchen scrubbing pads with paint. Very cool! I love her wreath painted with scrubbing pads, too!

7. 3D Cotton Ball Snowman Craft – These dapper 3D snowmen from the UK are super cute with their mismatched button eyes and twig arms! Kids can build these snowmen to stand upright and use fabric scraps to add a scarf and hat. Don’t forget to add a “cheeky” smile. 🙂 10 Cute Snowman Crafts for kids. So fun!

8. Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft – All ages can jump in on this snowman craft. Get kids started with white cupcake liners (mini and standard) and then accessorize with things like buttons, pipe cleaners and cotton balls. My kids all made these, and I love that with the same basic tray of supplies, we each came up with such different snowmen.

9. Clothespin Snowman Craft for Kids – You gotta love the multi-talented clothespin: holding clothes in place on hangers and clotheslines, keeping chip bags fresh and now, forming the body of kids’ skinny snowmen! With some basics like hot glue, white paint, pom poms and felt, your kids will be tempted to whip up a whole slew of clothespin snowmen. Don’t forget the googly eyes!

10. Styrofoam Cup Snowmen Crafts – Cute snowmen come in all shapes and sizes (just like people), including cup shaped! Use an inverted styrofoam cup as the snowman’s body and then dress him up for winter. Make sure you have some pom poms, because the earmuffs on these little guys are the best part!

Thanks for checking out this list of 10 Cute Snowman Crafts for Kids. Don’t forget to pin it so you can find it again. 🙂 If you made one of these snowman crafts or have another one to share, please post it below!


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