This Cootie Catcher Word Building Activity was fun for all ages at our house this past week. There’s something about cooties catchers that is just awesome, and the kids love them. We used that fascination and excitement to practice some CVC words, and it was a total hit.

I’m not a Cootie Catcher building expert, but happily my kids are. They cut and folded to make these colorful creations. Once they finished the catchers, I wrote a common CVC word consonant on the outside of each section. (Need a Cootie Catcher Tutorial?)

The next step was to write a vowel on the eight inner sections.

Finally we flipped the inner sections out to write a common ending consonant on each section. I was careful to make sure each set of Consonant/Vowel/Consonants made an actual word for the children to read.

We were now ready for our Cootie Catcher word building activity. I had my child roll 1 dice. They opened and closed the catcher the number of times shown on the dice. Then they wrote the consonant on the outside of that section.

Next they they opened that section revealing the vowel they had to work with. They wrote that down next to the consonant.

Finally, they flipped over the vowel to find the final consonant, and wrote that at the end of their word.

CVC word built!! We did it over and over again, until they had a large list of words to read from. It was best fun we’ve had reading in a while. It was nice to be able to trade and switch colors to find different words.

Next time I do it I might let them fill out one of the cootie catchers themselves. This would give them the chance to sort through real and nonsense words while they practice reading. It would be a great activity for a literacy center, or could even be done at a desk by the entire class.

Thanks for checking out our Cootie Catcher Word Building Activity. Click on our Educational Activities tab to find many more word building and reading activities for those cute kiddos.

Happy Reading!


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