Cupcake Liner Hidden Letter Matching Activity - Cover the letter magnets with cupcake liners. Play memory to match the letters.Snow is filling the air outside today, but we are staying ward inside playing this cupcake liner alphabet letter matching memory game. We love memory games at our house. We typically use cards to find matches of fun fish, numbers, or whatever type of cards we have on hand, but we wanted to do something a little different today.

I recently picked up these adorable alphabet letter magnets that I have been coveting (don’t tell 😉 ) for some time, and we couldn’t wait to use them. They are so much fun to use on the fridge and other magnetic surfaces, but they can be used for many other things as well.

Today we set our magnets out on the table, and found two of each letter. Ideally you would find and upper and lower case magnet for your two. Then I mixed them up and spread them out.

Alphabet Letter Memory Match Game using cupcake liners and letter magnets.

Next, I covered each letter magnet with an upside down cupcake liner. We always have a stock of them in the cupboard, because they are so much fun. We used about 16 magnets per game. That meant we could find 8 letter matches.

My preschooler came over and started turning over the cupcake liners, two at a time. We took turns searching for our letter matches. It was very educational and interactive as well.

Cupcake Liner Hidden Letter Matching Activity

The best kind of manipulatives are the kind you can use over and over again. Obviously I wouldn’t use these cupcake liners to bake treats in at this point. However, I can stack them and store them in the cupboard for our next great activity for craft. The magnets of course we can use for all kinds of great educational activities.

Thank you for taking a minute to stop by and check out our fun Cupcake liner Alphabet Letter Matching Memory game. I hope you enjoyed it, and get a chance to try it out. Before you leave, check out some of our other popular letter recognition activities.

Happy Matching!

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