I love the fresh start of a brand new year, and we’re starting it out by showing off these super fun January Writing Prompts.

Writing prompts are one of my favorite things to create. In fact, I’m often tempted to fill out the organizers, and write a little something myself, that is if my kids don’t get to them first. đŸ˜‰Â Teachers love them too, and they tell me nearly every day what a difference these fun prompts are making in their classrooms.

As always, I try to include prompts that children can get into. I want them to be so excited about the subject matter, that writing is no longer a chore. Instead it could be one of their favorite parts of the day as they make up fun stories, use their imaginations, and express their ever growing opinions.

This month the kids get to tell you about the absolute WORST RULE EVER!! If that doesn’t get them expressing opinion, I don’t know what will. They also get to defend whether glue sticks or liquid glue is best. Finally, they get to tell you what they really thing about math.

The informative writing prompts this month are pretty great too. The kids get to take you on a tour of their imaginary candy factory, teach you how to build a time machine, and then explain the process of building an igloo.

The narrative writing prompts for January explore fiction and non-fiction. The children will write the process of how they get ready for bed each night. They also get to describe what would happen if they had a million dollars. Then we amp the creativity up a bit with a story about what happened to them when they were bitten by a magic spider.

Here’s your sneak peak at the set. You can purchase the month of January alone, or buy the 10 month set and get 2 sets free.

Opinion Writing Prompts

* My Opinion About Math
* Would You Rather Liquid Glue or a Glue Stick
* The Worst Rule Ever

Informative Writing Prompts

* If I Had a Candy Factory
* How to Build a Time Machine
* How to Build an Igloo

Narrative Writing Prompts

* If I Was Bitten by a Magic Spider
* When I Get Ready for Bed
* If I Had a Million Dollars

Thank you for taking a minute to check out these fun January Writing Prompts. I hope your kids enjoy them, and improve their writing in this new, beautiful year.

Have a good one!

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