Sight Words Stamping Activity for kids. This week we did a sight words stamping activity for my preschool son, and his second grade sister would not be left out. They had the best time stamping words, and they even managed to keep the ink off of my desk!! 🙂

Stamps are a long standing favorite at our house. My girls were introduced to them during their gymnastics classes where they could earn a stamp on their hand if they were good during practice. One of my girls started to excel fairly quickly, and we started joking about the Olympics. Her response was the best. “Mom, if I win a gold medal, can I have a stamp?” “Yes honey. We’ll buy you a set of stamps AND and ink pad if you win a gold medal at the Olympics.” 😂

Sight Words Stamping Reading Activity for kids.

As it turns out we didn’t feel like gymnastics career was best for her or our family, but she ended up with an adorable set of alphabet stamps. I picked these up from a local store, but they are also available online. The ink pad I purchased separately. I loved all of the fun colors, and I knew the kids would too. The sight words came from my school cupboard. I’m not sure where I found them, but you can easily make your own.

For this stamping sight words activity, I had each child pick out a card. Then they had to stamp that word onto a sheet of paper. They picked out the letter stamps they needed from the tin, and stamped away.

My kids loved the variety of colors in this ink pad. I loved that the stamps went back into a metal tin instead of spreading ink on my desk.

I was able to sort my sight words cards into levels so that each child was working on words that fit them. Once they finished a word, they would put that card at the bottom of the pile and start on another one. It was fantastic sight words practice, and when they were finished, those awesome stamps went right back in the cupboard to wait for our next stamping project.

I hope you love our Sight Words Stamping Activity. Try it out if you have a chance, and if you decide to stamp your initials or some other fun pattern on your hand, I won’t tell anyone. 😉

Happy Stamping!

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