Sight Words Beading Activity for Kids.We pulled out our alphabet beads for some fun reading practice this week and did a Beading Sight Words Activity for kids. Stringing beads is a great way to practice fine motor skills, and we paired that with a bit of learning fun.

Alphabet beads come in all shapes and sizes. We pulled out our favorite pastel colored beads and some silver pipe cleaners for this activity. From there, it was very simple. I gave the kids words to spell, and they beaded them onto their pipe cleaners. We repeated the words as many times as we could on each pipe cleaner.

This was such great reading and spelling practice for common sight words. The kids got repetition both in reading and putting together each word. You could even twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together at the end to turn it into a take home sight words bracelet.

Beaded Sight Words Bracelets for kids using pipe cleaners.

In a large classroom you could give each child a cupcake liner of beads at their desk and then say or write the sight words on the board.

This would also be an excellent literacy center activity for kindergarten. You could leave a stack of sight words cards on the table along with a container of alphabet beads, and have the children complete the word cards one at a time.

Sight Words Beading Activity

If you don’t want to send the sight words home as a bracelet, just push the beads off the pipe cleaner, and start over again with new words. The children can create color patterns with the beads while they work, or use all of the same color. It’s a great way to get creative while practicing up on their reading.

Thank you for checking out our Beading Sight Words Activity for kids today. It’s a quick, easy setup activity that kids will enjoy. I hope it saves you some prep time and is a great activity for the kids you work with.

Happy Beading and Reading!

Fun Sight Words Beading Activity for Kids.

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