Cute Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft for Kids.Spring is so close I can almost smell it, and to celebrate we’re making a cute Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft for kids. The snow is nearly melted, the ground is warming up, and we are looking forward to April showers and bright colored flowers.

I love rainbow crafts! They remind me of all of the bright colors of spring, the end of the cold, muggy sky, and the sunshine and light that comes after. They also happen to be a huge favorite with kids.

As it so happens, the kids and I were walking through the baking isle of the grocery store recently, and we saw this set of rainbow colored cupcake liners. They made my heart happy, and we brought them home with us.

Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft - So fun!

Then as we were talking and thinking about rainbows this week, we decided to try to make a rainbow craft out the the cupcake liners. It turned out even better than we expected. The rainbows could stand up ALL BY THEMSELVES!! Who knew?!

We quickly made a few more until everyone had one to play with. These could sit on a shelf or the edge of a desk. You could also make them go flat and place them in a window.

Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft for Kids

To make the rainbows, pull out one cupcake liner of each color. Start with the back of the rainbow first. Cut the cupcake liner about 1 inch from the bottom. Then cut the next color about 1/2 an inch higher than the last color.

Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft

Continue until you have all of your colors cut out. Sort them by size. Then start gluing.

We ran a small strip of glue along the bottom of the cupcake liner, and attached the next color there. We kept stacking the colors until they were all together. Flip the center of the rainbow out towards you, and the outside will fall backwards. Then set the rainbow down for display.

Aren’t they so cute?? We hope you’ve enjoyed our Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft for kids. Start thinking spring thoughts, and get out there and enjoy some sunshine.

Happy Crafting!


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