Skittles Rainbow Craft and Color Sorting Activity for kids.

Our craft today is as sweet as it is pretty, a Skittles Rainbow Craft and Color Sorting Activity for kids. The best thing about rainbows is the bright mix of colors splashed across the sky. For this craft the kids will get to sort skittles by color and build their own rainbow.

Don’t you just love the colors of skittles? They are so bright and happy. We decided they would make the perfect building blocks for our rainbows.

Skittle Rainbow Craft and Color Sorting Activities for kids. So fun!

One of my favorite things about this craft is that the children get to practice several learning concepts while making their rainbows.

  1. Color Sorting and Recognition – The children have to separate the skittles by color to create their stripes for the rainbow.
  2. Fine Motor Practice – Each skittle has to be placed along the arched lines of the rainbow. It was great practice for little fingers to pick up each skittle and place it exactly where it needed to go.
  3. Counting – You could add a counting element to this as well. How many of each color are in the rainbow. They will decrease as we get to lower arches.

Skittles Rainbow Craft and Color Sort. Skittles Rainbow Craft and Color sort activity for kids.

You may want to use paste or royal icing to glue the skittles onto their art project in case the children decide to eat the skittles later. You can also just have it as a classroom activity where they can eat the skittles once their done.

I might have the children lay the skittles out, count them, and then draw their own skittles along the line while they eat the originals.

Skittles Rainbow Craft and Activity

Of course no rainbow is complete without a cloud at each end. We used mini marshmallows to create big, fluffy, white clouds. They were the perfect ending to our sweet craft.

Thank you for checking out our fun Skittles Rainbow Craft and Color Sorting Activity. We hope you have as much fun as we did making them.

Happy Crafting!


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