Color Matching Activity for KidsDo you need a fun activity for learning colors? Today we are sharing a simple Color Matching Activity for kids with a bit of fine motor practice as well.

Colors are one of the first things toddlers learn. They are a bright, beautiful part of our world, and often, children have a favorite early on. We often point out colors in books while we are reading. We also have a lot of colorful toys for them to play with.

Crayons are another early exposure children have to color. The love mixing and matching to create their own special little works of art that hang on our fridges and stay in our hearts.

Clothes Pin Color Matching Activity for Kids.

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It is important for children to learn to identify colors and recognize their names. This is a skill they will learn in preschool if not before. Hopefully they have mastered it before kindergarten where they will get to review and practice a bit more.

Playing color games is a great way to practice and learn colors. This color matching activity for kids is so easy to put together, and they will love pinching and un-pinching the clothespins while they sort colors.

Color Matching Activity for Kids


Fun Color Matching Activity for toddlers.

To Play:

  1. Color large color spots on the top of each clothespin, using a Sharpie. You will want to have several of each color. We used Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Purple.
  2. Have the children sort the colors and clip the clothespins onto the correct craft sticks.
  3. Optional: You could also turn this into a counting exercise by having the children count and record how many of each color they found.

Simple, Fun Color Matching Activity for kids

When you’re finished with the activity, store the clothespins and craft sticks in a gallon zip lock bag for another day. It doesn’t take a lot of space, and is a great way to reuse your supplies.

We hope you enjoyed this fun Color Matching Activity for kids.  If you love it we hope you’ll share it by pinning or commenting on our video. Thanks for stopping by, and have fun learning something today.

Fun, simple Color Matching Activity for Kids.

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