15 Fun Flower Crafts for Kids. So many ideas.Spring time means beautiful flowers popping up everywhere! My kids really love seeing all the new life so I thought it would be good to tap into the natural awe of all that spring brings. Here’s a list of 15 Flower Crafts for Kids that is perfect for this time of year!

I want to be sure you have a great list to chose from for your young ones so I gathered some of the most beautiful flower crafts kids can make this spring. You already have most of these items in your craft stash so grab the box and make flowers with kids today!

15 Flower Crafts for Kids

15 Fun Flower Crafts for Kids

  1. Printing Flowers with Celery Stalks – Have you tried using fruit as painting stamps? Celery creates the most beautiful flower stamp that only mother nature could create. Try creating your own flowers in different colors for a great hands-on painting experience for kids.
  2. Rainbow Flowers – Explore colors with rainbow flowers. Using large colored circles, children are able to arrange flowers in an array which makes a simple flower with a lot of color!
  3. Mixed Media Flower Craft for Kids – Add in using a different kind of media to your flower creations with yarn. I love the texture this creates for little artists. And the result is well worth hanging on your art wall.
  4. Cupcake Liner Flowers –¬†Transform cupcake liners into beautiful works of art. These would be a great gift idea for Mother’s Day or Teacher Appreciation week.
  5. Paper Flower Craft – I love how simple and beautiful these paper flowers are! Kids can create their own flowers with multiple colors or choose larger strips of paper to work with. So many variations to one flower craft!
    15 Cute Flower Crafts for Kids.
  6. Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft – I love how simple and beautiful this craft is. Tissue paper is a different kind of medium than we typically don’t use in our crafting. Can’t wait to give this one a try this spring!
  7. Thumbprint Dandelion– This is just stunning! Kids of any age will love this simple flower creation. Use multiple colors and discover new colors as paints mixes together.
  8. Paper Straw Flower Craft – What kid doesn’t love a paper hole punch? This is a great way to create beautiful flowers without pulling out all the paint. I love the addition of straws as stems too!
  9. Do a Dot Flower Craft for Kids – We have tons of dot markers {AFFILIATE LINK} at home. This flower creation is simple and can be set up for a quick craft anytime of day!
  10. Egg Carton Flowers – These egg carton flowers are a great way to use recycled materials in your creations. Create 3D art with kids with a lot of opportunity to discuss color mixing and how recycling improves our environment.15 Fun Flower Crafts for kids - So Pretty!
  11. 3D Doily Flowers – These flowers use cupcake liners! What a great visual for little ones as they work with a new material. You can find cupcake liners {AFFILIATE LINK} in so many amazing colors to make this craft really unique.
  12. Flower Craft for Kids – While you are creating flowers, don’t forget to talk about parts of the flower! Add in some great finger painting for a fun way to decorate your art wall!
  13. Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity – Need a fun, fine motor craft for your child? This tissue paper flower activity is perfect for kids of any age. Use glue and bits of tissue paper to make colorful flowers.
  14. Paper Plate Sunflower Craft – This is a super fun addition to your typical paper plate flower craft. Add in real sunflower seeds for texture and a little fine motor work.
  15. Invitation To Create- Flower Garden – What an awesome idea! While you are studying shapes, make an invitation to create flowers. Children are encouraged to make paper flowers with all types of shapes in differing sizes. The result is amazing and well worth adding to your shapes unit.

What are your favorite flower crafts for kids? Let us know in a comment below, or show us a picture on Facebook.

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