Have you considered going back to school, and wonder how to become a licensed teacher? Getting a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree may be faster than you think, and the benefits can be substantial.

 Across the state of Utah, school districts are desperate for teachers. Rapid population growth means a lot of new children in our schools. Big families make our state special, but we need a large, exceptional teaching force to guide and open young minds as they learn about the world around them. 

Where to Get a Master's in Teaching Degree in Utah


The need for good teachers in Utah is only expected to grow over the next 20 years, and Westminster College is working to fill that need. Located just five minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, Westminster is a great option for Utah moms and teachers looking to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

 There are a couple of reasons why an MAT program may be just the right fit for you. It’s fast. The pay is higher than for a four-year teaching degree, and the program is flexible to fit into your schedule—whether you currently teach or are heading back into the workforce.


Are you already an educator but need a teaching license? An MAT could take you to the next level. Educators with a master’s degree usually have a substantial increase in salary over those with a bachelor’s degree. An MAT can also provide you with additional training, experience, and opportunities you haven’t had previously.


What if your undergraduate degree is not in education? That’s okay. You can still get an MAT degree in as little as three semesters. Whatever your bachelor’s degree, you could soon become licensed to teach.

 How great would it be to work on your child’s schedule, to have the same holidays, and possibly work in the same school? It’s possible. The MAT program at Westminster will give you hands-on training that prepares you and gives you the confidence to enter the classroom.

Getting a Masters in Teaching Degree is fast!


So why choose a college like Westminster? “I know I’m not very good with online classes,” says Angie, a second-grade teacher in the Alpine School District, who is currently pursuing her master’s degree. “I like the social aspect of going to school, meeting new people, and collaborating in person rather than just using technology.”

 Westminster is a nationally recognized, private liberal arts college. Students come from all over the state. A full 92% of MAT graduates are currently employed as teachers. You can enter the program with confidence that your hard work will pay off with a job when you graduate.

 Did I already mention that this program is fast? You can complete it in as little as three semesters as a full-time student. If you are currently working, and unable to attend full time, you can attend part time and take it a little more slowly.

 Estimated tuition cost for the entire program is $29,190. That includes your semester of student teaching as well as a weeklong study abroad in Latin America. Based on current teacher salaries in the state of Utah, you could earn that and more in your first year of teaching.

 If you’re a current teacher looking to improve your skills and salary, or a mom ready to reenter the workforce on a schedule compatible with your kids’ schedules, a master of art in teaching degree may be a great option for you. Check out Westminster College today, and take the next step to invest in your future.

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