Fun Kindergarten Reading Practice Activity for kids.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get some kindergarten reading practice, this is it! There are buttons to push, cars to race, all while sounding out and reading CVC words. It’s interactive. It’s repetitive, and it’s effective.

I created this reading practice activity for my little guy who is heading to kindergarten in a couple of months. He is sounding out words like a champ, but it gets old fast. I wanted to create an activity that practiced slowly sounding out each letter of the word, and then had them saying the sounds together fast.

We decided to go with a car theme, because cars are a lot of fun. The racing idea worked perfectly with the different parts of the activity as well.

Awesome Kindergarten Reading Practice for Kids - Push the buttons to sound it out. Then race the car to read it fast.

Kindergarten Reading Practice

There are two parts to this Racing Readers activity. First, sounding out the words. Then, saying the sounds together quickly to read the word.

Button for Kindergarten Reading Practice Activity

Sounding it out:

The race is about to start. Count down with stop light buttons. Red, yellow, green, and GO! As they tap each light, they say the sound of the letter above. C — A — T. You can make it even more fun by turning the lights into 3D buttons. It’s simple, and the kids love actually pressing the buttons.

Kindergarten Reading Practice Activity. Push to sound it out. Then Race to say it fast.

Say it fast (aka Read the word):

It’s time to RACE! Place your car at the beginning of the track. Race it across as you say all of the sounds together. CAT

When you’ve raced that word, place another one in the box, and start again. We’ve included 66 CVC words from 22 word families for the children to read. You can give them access to all of the words, or just the word families they are currently working on.

Fun Reading Activity for Kids

There are 4 colors of car printouts to choose from. You can also use actual toy cars with wheels. My little kindergartner loved driving his car up to the track, and then racing it. There were definitely some car sound effects happening throughout the activity. He LOVED it!

Thank you for stopping by to check out this fun kindergarten reading practice idea. If you know a child who would love it, you can purchase it here. It’s great for one-on-one instruction, small groups, or even full class practice. Enjoy, and Happy Reading!


Kindergarten Reading Activity for kids.



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