DIY Lego City Activity and other fun Lego City Sets.

Do you know a kid that loves Lego City Sets? My children have absolutely fallen in love with Legos this year, and it has been so fun to watch them create. One of their favorite things to do is create places and do storytelling in their pretend play.

The Lego City Sets are great for this. They are pre-packaged to include all the pieces you need to build landscapes and locations where stories happen. From Fire Stations, Police Stations, Construction Zones, Train Stations and so much more.

DIY Lego City Sets Backdrop

Build your own Lego city - Great creative play activity.

Recently my children decided to build a city park. They built a skate ramp, a see saw, park benches, giant tires, and who knows what else in their design. They pulled out the construction paper, scissors, crayons, and even the hot glue gun to create the back drop for their park.

Build a Lego Skate Park and other fun Lego city sets.

It was so fun to watch them all get so involved. Three at a time would be leaning over the project discussing road structure and park elements. I loved that they combined Legos with art to complete the entire look.

Other Lego City Sets

City Park

If you want to take your Lego City Park to the next level, this City park set comes prepackaged with all of the pieces to build a downtown park. I love all of the little characters, and can’t wait to hear the stories that the children develop for each one.

Town Square

This set features all of the hustle and bustle of the Town Square. A tow truck, helicopter, shops, tall buildings and more come in this fun package.

Fire Station

Every city needs a fire station, and this one is impressive. It includes a fire truck, fire fighters, and impressive gear. They even have their own helicopter.

Police Station

Crime fighters are the theme of this awesome set. Using a variety of top of the line police vehicles, children can pretend to find and bring criminals to justice.

Train Station

This train station is a busy place, loading, hauling and transporting all kinds of goods. This extra awesome set includes a remote control to send the train around custom built tracks.

Arctic Building Set

If building isn’t challenging enough in big city conditions, try building in the arctic! You’ll need all kinds of specialized gear, bundled up Lego figures, and even a dog sled team.

Demolition Set

The only thing more fun than building a Lego City is demolition. Construction cranes, a wrecking ball, and tractors help this crew take down old buildings to leave room for something new.

Space Port

We explored the cities, and built in the arctic. Now we’re off to outer space. There’s no limit to the adventures these astronauts can have in their state-of-the-art space shuttle and rocket.

We hope you’re inspired by these awesome Lego City Sets. Your kids can build and create the figures while designing their own back drops and telling their own stories.

Happy Exploring!!

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