Monster Math Additino for Kids Tool and Activity.If you’ve been looking for an outstanding addition for kids activity, this is it! The best part is, it’s simply a tool that they can create themselves, and then use while they do addition worksheets or other addition assignments.

Monsters are a huge favorite with kids. We know this, and it it helps if the monsters are cute, silly or funny. Non-scary monsters are great for the imagination, and for this addition activity, your kids will get to make their very own monsters.

Making the addition monsters is simple.

You will need:

  • Paper cups
  • Sharpies
  • Pipe Cleaners (evenly cut into 3 pieces each)
  • Googly Eyes (optional. Can be drawn)
  • Mini screw driver or sharp instrument to poke holes

Paper Cup Counting Monster - Fun math activity for kids.

To make your monster:

  1. Draw a face on your cup, or you can glue plastic googly eyes on them.
  2. Make a funny face for your monster.
  3. Have an adult poke 10 holes on each side of the cup. We staggered them up and down the sides so that the arms would look like they are coming from all over the place.

Addition for Kids

Here’s where it gets even more cool! Take your addition worksheets and your monster to your desk. For each problem, give the monster the number of arms listed in your addition problem. For example, if your math problem is 4+6, your monster would need 4 arms on one side and 6 arms on the other side.

To give your math monster his arms, push a pipe cleaner through the holes. You don’t need to push them all the way through. Just get them far enough in that they stay, but they stick out to make awesome appendages for your monster.

Fun Addition Math Tool for Kids - Counting Monster Arms

Then, count all of your monsters arms together to find the answer to your addition problem. Write your answer on your worksheet. Pull the arms out of your monster, and move on to the next problem.

This Addition activity is helpful in several ways. First, it’s interactive and very fun. Second, it give the kids one to one correspondence practice. It’s also very visual.

Awesome Addition activity for kids - Monster Counting Tool

Once the children are done with their monsters for the day, they can store their pipe cleaners inside their monster (the right side up cup). Just place it in a cupboard, and pull it out again the next time you are working on your math.

These awesome DIY Math Monsters make addition for kids so fun! They will love creating their monsters and using them as well. We hope you’ve enjoyed this activity. Pin and share it with other teacher friends or parents who might find it helpful.

Happy Adding!

Addition Monster - Addition for Kids Tool and Activity. Switch the arms to count and add.

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