Fun Fine Motor Addition Activity for Kids.

We have a fun new addition activity for grade 1 and kindergarten to share with you today. Addition is such a fun concept to learn. Children get to learn how to combine different groups of objects to make a new larger group.

BONUS!! This activity combines fine motor skills will all of the addition fun. It can be done on it’s own or used with your existing math worksheets.

We even have a FREE fun addition worksheet for you to try it out on. Find it at the end. 🙂

Fun Fine Motor Addition Activity for Kindergarten

Addition Activity for Grade 1 and Kindergarten

We only needed a few supplies for this awesome activity.


We like sharing things we love with you. If you find these items helpful too, and purchase them through our links, we get a little kick back that helps us keep the supply closet stocked for future activities.

Fun Fine Motor Addition Activity for Kids

This addition activity is extremely simple to put together. Simply write and addition symbol in the center of your craft stick. If each child gets their own, you may want to write their name on the back.

Then place it in a zip lock back with the correct number of mini clothes pins. Regular clothes pins will work for very early addition with small numbers. If you are adding up to 10 and beyond, you’ll want the minis.

Fun Addition Activity for Kindergarten

The mini clothespins are so fun too. My kids love the bright happy colors, and small things are just cute! They were also fantastic fine motor practice for my kids little fingers. The smaller they are, the more challenging.

Great Fine Motor Addition Activity for Kindergarten.

We used our addition sticks for a couple of activities. I created some simple addition cards for them to work on, which they loved.

They were also quite helpful when we worked on our addition worksheets. It was fun to have something to count with besides their fingers, and the hands on aspect of clipping the pins made it engaging.

We hope you get to try it out too, so we’ve included this fun worksheet for you to try out.

FREE fun addition worksheet for Kindergarten or 1st Grade.




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