The next unit in our full year of Kindergarten Math Units is our Counting to 100 Activities. These fun centers and worksheets are perfect for 100 day, but they are also helpful as those kinders are learning to count to 100.

In this set we cover counting to 100 by tens and by ones. We also work on filling in missing numbers, counting on, and 10 more 10 less or 1 more 1 less.

There are 14 counting to 100 centers can be stored in a small tub and pulled out for kids to work on independently. I’ve also created 25 black and white worksheets for extra practice. The kids will get to cut and paste, color, and maybe even stamp or paint.

Here is your look at this fun set:

Counting to 100 Activities – Centers

Count to 100s tower. Slide the cups to find and count by 1s.


This fun counting to 100 tower is such a visual way to show how 10s and 1s work together to build 100. At first glance, you just see the 10s. However, when you start at 0, just slip the cups above that up to reveal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. and so on. Once you hit 9, drop the next 10, and go again.

I Can Count to 100 Wristband. Fun 100s day activity for kindergarten.


This fun wristband is a fun way to twist and count your way to 100. Start with a blank on the 10s band and a zero on the 1s band. Then slide up to 9 on the ones band. Once you hit 9, twist the 10s band to 1 and the 1s band to 0. Then go through 1 to 9 again.

Fun Count by 10s activity for kids.


A bit of velcro makes this tower super fun. Attach the pencils to the ladder as you climb your way, by tens, to 100.

Count to 100 Spinner for kindergarten. So fun!


This firefly spinner is great fun. Start with no glowing light, and just a 1 in the view finder. Spin from 1-9. Then add a light (in the 10’s place). With your first light in place, number 1, spin from 0-9. Then change out your light to number 2 and so on to 99.

Count to 100 worksheets for kids - Extreme Bingo


We’re not trying to get just 5 in a row here. We’re going for 10!! Flip the number cards, and cover the numbers with snap cubes or other bingo markers.

For an extra challenge, go for blackout.

Counting to 100 Activities for Kids.


For this fun activity, the kids get to roll a dice, and then use a q-tip to paint that many dots on their way to 100. We used our favorite colored dot dice for this one, and had the children use the paint colors from the dice itself. So fun!

Count to 100 Activity for Kindergarten.


This wise old owl knows how to count to 100. Slide the 10s and 1s strips to count your way up to 100.

Race in Space Counting to 100 Game for Kindergarten


This fun game is out of this world. 😉 It works as a single player or multiplayer game. Children take turns rolling dice and moving a counter up to Planet 100.

Missing Number cards. Complete the sequences.


These cards are great for practicing counting on as well as 1 more and 1 less. We use our colored dry erase markers to fill them out.

Stack and Count activity for Kindergarten.


For this fun activity, kids get to practice stacking a variety of items from around the house or classroom. They get to see how many items they can stack before the tower falls. They then record their findings on a separate sheet.

Fun Counting to 100 game for kids. Put the puzzle together. Then count and drive.


Break out the race cars, because we’re headed to 100. The children get to put the pieces of this puzzle together in number order. Then, have them count as they drive along the track to the finish line. We included printable cars, but toy cars are great fun for this too.

Counting to 100 Apple activity for Kindergarten


I love this activity for fall, but it works all year round. We put our apples on white library envelopes, but you can place them on the front of a cup as well. I’ve included printable seeds, but this also works with pumpkin seeds or other large seeds that could fit in the envelopes.

Counting by 10s and 1s. Move 10 spaces if you get a rabbit. Move 1 space if you get a turtle.


Are you going to count like the tortoise or the hare? For this fun game you take turns flipping over a rabbit or turtle card. If you get a rabbit, move 10 spaces. If you get a turtle, move 1 space. Whoever gets to 100 first wins.

This is fantastic counting practice, and it works well as an individual or group game.

Count to 100 Activity for kids. Great for 100 day.

FLY TO 100

We used our fun colored dot dominoes for this activity. The kids get to pick a domino out of the pile to go in the box. They count the dots. Then they draw a line through that many dots on the sheet. We used markers, but crayons, stickers or stamps would work just as well.

We hope you love these counting to 100 activities as much as we do. Here is a quick peek at some of the extra practice worksheets included as well.

Counting to 100 Activities – Worksheets

Missing Numbers Count to 100 Worksheet Ice Cream Count by Tens Worksheet for Kindergarten Froggy Number Order - Counting By 10s Worksheet for Kindergarten. Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten. Counting to 100 Worksheets for Kindergarten - Bookworm's 100 Books Counting to 100 Worksheets for kids - Make 100 Bugs Counting On Worksheets for kindergarten - Number sequence Acorns 2 Counting On Worksheets for Kindergarten - Counting to 100 Math Unit Counting 1 More Worksheets for Kindergarten math. Count to 100 Worksheets for Kindergarten - Make 100 Cookies Count to 100 Worksheets for Kids - Counting Raindrops Count to 100 Kindergarten Worksheets - Decorate cupcakes. Before and After Worksheets for Kinderten - Fun kindergarten Math Worksheets 10 More Worksheets for Kindergarten Math 10 More 10 Less Worksheets for kids.

Thank you for checking out our Counting to 100 Activities. If you feel like this would be helpful in your classroom or home, click the image below to buy.

Kindergarten Counting to 100 Activities


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