Letter C is for Crab

This Letter C Craft is the next letter in the preschool letter crafts.  The theme for this craft is C is for Crab.  It can be made with colored card stock or the craft foam sheets. The template for the letter C is included in this post.

This craft can be used for working on learning the letters of the alphabet, and also used with a theme about the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it!  What kid doesn’t love to learn about the ocean and new, exciting animals?

Let’s get started!

 Letter C Craft


  • Craft Foam
  • Glue (can use hot glue or white school glue)
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Paper or Cardstock
  • Googly Eyes


  1. Gather all of the supplies.Letter C Craft Supplies

  2. First download the letter C template and print onto paper or card stock.Creative Letter C Craft for Kids

  3. Cut out the letter C and trace onto the craft foam. Cut the letter out.Letter C Craft for Kids

  4. Download and print the CRAB template. Cut out. Trace the crab template onto red craft foam. Cut out.Hands-On Letter C Craft

  5. Draw a seashell shape onto craft foam and wavy sand onto yellow craft foam. Cut out.

  6. Glue wavy yellow sand to the bottom of the letter C. Cut off excess.Fun Letter C Craft

  7. Glue crab and seashell onto the letter C.C is for Crab Letter Craft

  8. Use a black marker to add a smile to the crab and detail to the seashell.Creative Letter C Craft

  9. Glue on googly eyes.C is for Crab

Kids will have a great time making this Letter C craft.  After it is complete, the next thing to do is to find a spot to put it so that the kids can see it everyday.  Seeing it often can remind the kids of the letter C and the fun that they had crafting with you.

Kids love to learn and play at the same time.  The more fun they have while they learn, the more of a guarantee they will remember what they learned!

Letter C Craft


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