Do you need cute Snowman Activities for Preschool? We have a big list of them that teach while being fun and interactive. This awesome new Snowman Preschool Unit includes educational crafts, games, learning activities and worksheets.

Snowmen are such an icon of outside winter play. They encourage the imagination, and are often a cherished childhood memory. We’ve tried to capture some of that magic in this new preschool unit. Children will get to count snowballs, build snowmen, and play with them in these fun learning activities.

Take a look at some of the amazing ideas in this set.

Snowman Activities for Preschool

Snowmen Counting Sticks

Cute Preschool Counting Activity for Winter
Mitten Snowball Counting

Awesome Snowball Counting Activity for Winter.Roll, Count and Fill Snowman Craft

Roll and Fill Snowman Counting Activity for Kids.

Snowmen Letter Puzzles

Preschool Letter Matching Puzzles for winter.

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Snowman Color Matching

Snowman Color Matching Activity for Preschool.
Smashing Snowballs Sight Words

Winter Sight Words Activity for Preschool - Smash the Snowballs.
Roll & Cover Snowman Craft

Roll and Cover Snowman Counting Craft for Preschool.
Snowman Playdough Shapes

Preschool Shapes Activity for winter. So cute!!

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Melting Snowmen Letter Tracing

Melting Snowman Letter Tracing Activity for kids.
Snow Storm Name Practice

Winter Name Spelling Practice for Preschool
Winter Sequence Stories

Winter Sequence Story Cards
Winter Scene Snowflake Counting

Snowflake Counting Activity for Preschool.

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Snowman Tally Sticks

Snowman Tally Sticks Math Activity for Kids.
Sensory Snow and Letter Bin

Sensory Snowball Letter Hunt Activity for Preschool
Snowman Block Patterns

Winter Pattern Cards for Preschool
Snowman 10 Frames

Fun Counting Activity for Preschool

In addition to these fantastic Snowman Activities for Preschool, we also have 15 no-prep, print and go worksheets. They’re all designed in black and white to save you ink, and… the kids get to color all of the pictures themselves. BONUS!! These fun extra practice worksheets include tracing, cut and paste, and other great preschool skills.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the worksheets in this set:

Count and Color Snowflakes - Preschool Math Worksheet for Winter. Winter Snowman 10 Frames Worksheets for Preschool Winter Number Tracing Worksheets for Preschool. Sort by Size Winter Worksheet for Preschool Snowman Shapes and Colors Worksheet for Winter. Snowman Same or Different Worksheets for Preschool. Snowman Name Worksheets for Preschool - Winter Preschool Unit Snowman Graphing Worksheet for Preschool - Fun Winter Preschool Theme Snowman Alphabet Worksheets for Winter. Snowballs Counting Worksheet for Preschool - Fun Winter Preschool Theme Preschool Tracing Worksheets for Winter - Snowman Preschool Theme Preschool Subitizing Worksheets - Snowman Counting Make a Snowman Shapes Worksheet for Winter.

Thank you for stopping by to check out these fun snowman activities for preschool. I hope you love them as much as we do. If you think they would be helpful in your classroom or with the little friends you teach, you can purchase them by clicking the image below.

Snowman Activities and Crafts for Preschool


Preschool Units - The Growing Bundle

11 comments on “Snowman Activities for Preschool”

  1. Hi.

    I was wondering if you had the Christmas activities as a printable available? Mainly the upper case and lower case matching snowmen, the snowman number matching game with the lolly sticks and buttons, the word splat with playdough game, the snowmen with pompom buttons for counting and using tweezers, and the ordering sequencing building a snowman?
    They are all fab ideas and we would love to use them over the next couple of weeks if possible. Thanks. Leanne Heslop

  2. Hi Amy,

    I am trying to purchase the snowman theme and christmas theme for preschools but iam not able; both of the themes are already in my cart but then i can’t find the purchase button?

    Thank you for your reply

    • Hi Christelle. I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. I’ve had a couple of people tell me they’ve had trouble buying on mobile devices. Have you tried from a desktop or laptop? Try that, and it if doesn’t work, let me know. We’ll figure this out.


  3. Do it yourself activities are really best for the kids. They not just learn but also can reap plenty of benefits from these activities. I really liked the comment given by Planning Playtime. Right from childhood, when they are taught these, it offers an amazing platform. I loved this blog.

  4. I’m so happy I discovered your blog! I am recovering from surgery and have been on bed rest for about a week, so I have been lesson planning while I am down. I just wanted to let you know…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Preschool Centers and EVERYTHING in your store! I plan to make a purchase tonight! 🙂 I was curious, will you be creating a February Preschool Centers or Valentine’s Day Centers? If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Keep up your awesome work!


    • Hi Katie. Thank you so much! I am planning to make a Valentines/February themed Preschool Centers unit. If you plan to buy several units, you may want to get the growing bundle. If you buy it now, you’ll get all of the rest of the units added for free. I hope that helps.

      Get well soon!


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