Milk Lid Christmas Counting Activity for Kids. So fun!If you are looking for a fun Christmas Counting Game for those last crazy days before winter break, I have a fun one for you. This Christmas game is made from used foam board (or a cardboard box) and milk lids. It’s a fun way to up-recycle and learn at the same time.

What makes this Christmas Counting Game EXTRA fun? This is also a fine motor activity. Children get to fit milk lids into the little holes in the tree. They count out the correct number of lids, and decorate the tree in whatever pattern they’d like. It’s a great way to give kids some hand on learning and keep them focused during December.

Christmas Counting Activity Idea for Kids.

Christmas Counting Game

To Make the Tree:

  1. Trace a Christmas tree onto a flat piece of cardboard or foam board.
  2. Take a milk lid, and trace 10 circles just larger than the lid around the tree.
  3. Cut out the tree and the milk like holes. I scored the lines with an X-Acto Knife. Then cut it out. That made the cutting process a lot easier.
  4. Paint the tree green and the trunk brown.
  5. Trace the tree onto poster board. Cut it out, and glue it to the back of the cardboard tree.

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Cute Christmas Counting Activity for kids.

To Play the Christmas Counting Game:

  1. Print out the Christmas Tree Number Cards or use a 10-sided dice.
  2. Count the correct number of lids out. Then place them all over the tree. Count to check, and then go onto the next card.

We hope you love this fun Christmas Counting Game as much as we do. Good luck with these last few weeks before the break, and have a Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Counting Activities for Kids wit


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