Fun, free alphabet letter games for preschoolI was one of those children who did not attend preschool.  My pre-elementary education consisted of running around our farm, hiding out in the scary barn loft, and hunting for elusive berries that hadn’t been found by the birds or my older siblings.  My mom wasn’t worried about teaching me to read or learn letters yet.  I wasn’t expected to study those until kindergarten and first grade.

Kindergarten looks much different now.  It isn’t about naps and snacks anymore.  Teachers want my children to know their colors, numbers, how to write their names, and even their letter names and sounds.  As I worked with my little ones, teaching them these things, I’ve always found games to be my most effective teaching method.  My two, three, and four-year-olds tend to have a limited attention span when it comes to worksheets, but games they can do.

School with my preschoolers is playtime around here, and that means they want to do a lot of it.  For this set, I put together a few of our favorite preschool alphabet games that teach letter names and sounds.  They are all played with simple cards and a few other supplies.  We switch it up throughout the week, playing whatever game they love at the moment, and when they get bored we move onto a new one.  They are great for homeschool, but they also work well in a classroom or for your joy school group.

You can download the set for free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  The set includes instructions for the games and free printable alphabet cards.  I hope you enjoy, and please take a minute while you’re there to leave a review of the games and follow me at my store for more fun educational activities.

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21 comments on “5 Fun Preschool Alphabet Games”

  1. I have one at preschool right now. he is pretty much content with knowing the letter X and the letter of his first name right now. He does love the games on my phone though.

  2. I think we expect too much from kids too soon, yet we have to prepare them for these expectations that the schools have for them. I like your idea of letting kids continue to play while they learn. This is a great resource and I shared it everywhere. 🙂

    • It’s true. I’m amazed how quickly my 3-year-old is picking up his letters and sounds, and all we do is play. I just finished a new alphabet printable that he and my 6-year-old were in tears, fighting over. Since when do kids cry because they want to do more worksheets, lol. 🙂 Good thing I can print more.

  3. I love these and free printables! I always like to have some sheets printed off at home that I “whip out” when the kids get squirmy and this is perfect for such occasions!

    • I’m so happy that you are finding the ideas helpful. You can get the entire year of printables and activities in our store. Make sure you get the bundle, because that way 2 of the months are free.
      Best Wishes!

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