August Writing Prompts

While I realize we are in September now, these August writing prompts were too good to not share. Most of them will work throughout the school year anyway, so I’ll give you a quick tour of the set. My new monthly writing prompts series came about because teachers were loving the seasonal sets so much, and I wanted to give them more options. I love the idea of having so many writing idea options that everyone in the class can create a story that makes them giggle or present and argument about something they are passionate about. Thankfully, the ideas kept coming, and this is just the beginning of another full year of writing prompt ideas.

So back to these August writing prompts, we start out with some informative writing – basic how to’s and describing an imaginary planet you’ve discovered. They are great just back to school and remembering how to do this writing ideas. The narrative prompts imagine what craziness would ensue if monkeys went to our school or if crayons managed to take over our school one day. The opinion prompts are inspired by no hat policies and early school night bedtimes. Children can defend what time they think they should be sent to bed.

The prompts are a lot of fun, and of course they are all designed in black and white for easy printing. These prompts come with coordinating draft pages as well which allows the children to take the ideas from their organizers and create an actual rough draft with it. From there, they can edit and then re-write a final draft on a new copy of the draft page. It’s a set created to help children all the way through that early writing process.

So here’s your sneak peek at the pages of the set.

August Writing Prompts – Informative

* How to Make a Paper Airplane
* How to Send a Letter
* The New Planet I Discovered

August Informative Writing Prompts - How to Make a Paper Airplane. August Writing Prompts - Informative: The New Planet I Discovered. Informative Writing Prompts for August - How to Send a Letter.

August Writing Prompts – Narrative

* My Opinion About Wearing Hats to School
* My Opinion About When Kids Should go to Bed
* Would You Rather a Hot Dog or Hamburger

  August Writing Prompts - Narrative: If Monkeys Went to our School with Us. August Writing Prompts - Narrative: If Pirates Lived in the House Next Door. Narrative Writing Prompts for August - The Day Crayons took over our School.

August Writing Prompts – Opinion

* If Monkeys Went to School With Us
* If Pirates Lived in the House Next Door
* The Day the Crayons Took Over Our School

Opinion Writing Prompts for August - My Opinion About When kids should go to Bed.Opinion Writing Prompts for August - Would your rather a Hot Dog or Hamburger.August Writing Prompts - Opinion: My Opinion About Wearing Hats to School.

I’ve had so much fun creating these August writing prompts. They’re inspired by my own kids and things I think they would enjoy writing about. I hope your students enjoy them as well. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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