Christmas Tree Graphing Activity for kindergarten and 1st grade math. This is great for homeschool or a homework assignment. #christmas #graphing #math #activity


I was talking to a teacher friend yesterday, and she mentioned that this last week before Christmas, is a tricky one for teaching. The children are just too excited about Christmas, and they are easily distracted. With that in mind, my homework suggestion of the day is to send the kids home to graph their Christmas tree.

This Christmas tree graphing activity is such a fun way to practice counting, adding, and comparing numbers. It aligns with common core, but it is also just a lot of fun. The children will need to create a graph that fits their personal tree. They could graph 5 or 6 items from their tree, differentiating by colors, ornament type, ect. The must count and graph each of the items, coloring pictures or using tally marks.

Then, then can come back to class and answer questions about their trees. You can ask compare and contrast questions that the children can answer on their own, at their desk, about their graph, or you could do group questions compiling the class findings on the board. Either way, this is a sure way to get the kids excited about practicing math during this last few weeks before Christmas.

I hope you enjoy this idea, and feel free to share your favorite tips for Christmas math activities in a comment below.

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